J and G Third Degree

030712 jim robertson
030712 jim robertson

In the spotlight this week is Jim Robertson of Bo’ness

1 My signature dish is...

The chicken curry made in Craigview Cafe, Bo’ness, for over 20 years.

2 One of my earliest memories is:

My mother having to drag me to school on my first day.

3 Which TV show would you love a cameo part in?

Not so much a show but would love to appear and talk with David Lloyd cricket commentator.

4 Name three things you can’t live without:

My family - especially my grandchildren - movies, and oxygen.

5 The best part of summer is:

Being able to watch my favourite sport of cricket (in between the rain).

6 What’s been one of your proudest achievements?

Having coached Deanburn Primary School football team for 10 years from 1983 when the children won 49 trophies.

7 An important lesson I’ve learnt in life:

Treat others as they treat you.

8 A favourite view:

Sydney Harbour.

9 I’d love top-notch tickets/a backstage pass for...

Not much into modern performers but would have loved to have seen the late Peter Ustinov in his one man talk show.

10 I like to unwind by...

Using my laptop.