J and G Third Degree

080812  Ronnie bamberry
080812 Ronnie bamberry

In the spotlight this week is Linlithgow man Ronnie Bamberry

1 What was the last item you treated yourself to?

Lunch at Champany Inn.

2 How do you like to start your day?


3 What is guaranteed to get on your goat?

Bad manners, foul language, inconsiderate people!

4 Where is next on your must-visit wish list?

Brisbane... hope to meet up with Rugby World Cup Friends Richard and Annie Malouf in 2013.

5 Which film have you seen most recently, and would you recommend it?

The Angels’ Share – Great Scottish humour with a touch of Glengoyne thrown in as well.

6 How would your friends sum you up, in three words?

Happy, positive, energetic.

7 What are you scared of?

The wife!

8 Share something that’s made you laugh in the past week:

En route to Bute, my Kingsfield Events colleague phoned to say he had purchased the ferry tickets and would meet us. With minutes to spare I drove on to the Dunoon Ferry – only to find that my colleague was at a different ferry with the tickets. Ticket collector could see the panic in our faces and believed the story so we did not have to pay twice.

9 Aside from golf, which other sports do you enjoy?

Do not play golf anymore. I like watching rugby and football.

10 Name three things you couldn’t live without:

Medication, my wife and Guinness!