J and G Third Degree

190912 John evans
190912 John evans

In the spotlight this week is John Evans, SRPS chairman

1 How do you like to unwind?

With classical music, a good book and a glass of wine.

2 The soundtrack to my teens...

My answer to all questions on pop music is always - The Beatles! It is a family joke. Classical, folk and jazz have always been my listening.

3 I’d love to meet...

Nelson Mandela. He has to be the most courageous man alive, but if we go to history I guess Owen Glyndwr which betrays my Welsh ancestry.

4 Share a timesaving tip:

Always make a list. I have done so for years and it is especially useful as memory begins to falter.

5 I’m at my happiest when:

I am relaxing with my family around me. They are spread around the UK so we probably only all meet about once a year.

6 If I could learn any new skill, it’d be...

How to grow old disgracefully - my wife thinks I am doing that anyway.

7 Three things I can’t live without:

There is nothing I cannot really live without but maybe books, music and trains.

8 If I was PM for a day, I’d...

Nationalise all public transport and utilities.

9 Preferred type of holiday - city break, country air or relaxing on a beach?

Exploring new countries. It’s a big and very accessible world and time is so short.

10 Best and worst personality traits, according to those closest to me:

Best - empathy with all sorts of people in whom I always try and see the best. Worst - too dogmatic.