J and G Third Degree

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submitted pic

In the spotlight this week is Hamish Campbell from Queensferry

1 Share something that’s made you laugh in the past week:

Watching my Collie dog Caley carrying a 4ft long stick in his mouth trying to get through a 2ft gap in the fence.

2 How do you like to escape from it all?

Caravanning by the beach on the Isle of Mull.

3 What’s guaranteed to get on your nerves?

Motorists flying down the outside lane and careering left across your bow and shooting down the slip road causing you brake sharply.

4 Which famous person would you like to interview and what would be your first question?

Sepp Blatter, FIFA president. Ask him why in football they do not use the technology available and avoid crazy decisions like Scotland’s disallowed goal against Wales.

5 Who or what inspires you?

The late Arthur Guinness.

6 If you could take a ‘gap year’, what would be your plan?

Round the world trip playing all the best golf courses.

7 What’s been one of the key decisions you’ve taken in your life to date?

Joining The Scotsman and enjoying 38 years as a press photographer.

8 In this year of sporting success, what would you win an ‘alternative’ gold medal at?

Avoiding buying a round in The Anchor.

9 What do you enjoy most about autumn?

Indoor bowls after a horrendously wet outdoor bowling season.

10 What’s your favourite takeaway meal?

Special Chow Mein.