J and G Third Degree

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submitted pic

In the spotlight this week is Linlithgow police inspector, Neill Whiteside

1 How would you spend the perfect day off?

Playing squash in the daytime and going to a comedy show at night.

2 What was the last film you saw, and would you recommend it?

Skyfall, all the bits you expect from a Bond movie, it’s a must see!

3 What was the soundtrack to your teens? 

U2 - Joshua Tree. Bono and the boys got me through some tough times.

4 Where would you like an all-expenses paid holiday to, and why?

I’d like to go to the top of Everest, I’ve been to base camp and would love to have the time, money and a younger, fitter body to go back.

5 Which other job would you love to try for a week?

I would be Felix Baumgartner’s stunt-double.

6 Share something that’s 
made you laugh in the past week:

Gavin and Stacey repeats.

7 What do you most enjoy about the festive season?

Getting round to seeing everyone you have been too busy to see and making the same promise to be better next year.

8 Who or what inspires you?

Over The Wall, fun camps for seriously sick young people. I’m doing a parachute jump for them in January 2013.

9 I shouldn’t really admit this, but...

I am a Gleek (fan of the TV show Glee).

10 Which three words would your family/friends use to sum you up?

Kind, generous and deluded.