J and G Third Degree

111212 Jim Brooks
111212 Jim Brooks

In the spotlight this week is Jim Brooks of Bo’ness

1 Which three words best sum you up?

A decent guy.

2 Where is your favourite holiday destination and why?

St Andrews - golf, golf and more golf.

3 On a typical Saturday, you’ll find me...

On the links at St Andrews.

4 Share something that’s made you laugh in the past week:

A new start in the foundry was given a £20 note and told to go to the shop for a bacon roll and to get something for himself. He came back with £1 change and a DVD for himself.

5 What are your plans for Christmas this year?

Sadly dad died this year and mum’s in a home..so at home with my wife, Marion.

6 Which TV show would you love a cameo role on and why?

Blackadder - best shows ever made.

7 What was the soundtrack to your teens?

Led Zeppelin.

8 Share one of your proudest achievements.

I was champion at the Fair in 1966.

9 If I were Prime Minister for a day, I’d...

Give lots of money to old traditional businesses like the foundry to keep the old skills alive.

10 By what motto do you live your life?

‘Practise hard’ and one day I may beat the wife at golf.