J and G Third Degree

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In the spotlight this week is LYPP’s Graeme Lacey

1. Share three things you associate with your youth:

Climbing trees for conkers, starting my disco business, Astro Belt sweets.

2. What are the essential ingredients for your perfect weekend?

A lot of friends, having a lot of laughs, round a barbecue with 90s dance music on in the background (might need to wait a while for the barbecue bit).

3. Which is the best film you’ve seen recently, and why did it appeal?

Skyfall. It’s one of the best Bonds of late, on all aspects of story, locations, action, and clever comical moments.

4. First concert/gig I went to:

Stereophonics in the SECC, 1999. I remember it being an amazing gig when they were at their peak.

5. Which three words would family and friends use to sum you up?

Positive, determined and dependable.

6. Where would you like all-expenses paid holiday to, and why?

Oman. My sister went there once and said it was amazing. Knowing my wife will never go makes me want what I can’t have even more!

7. Culinary whizz, or microwave king?

Never tried Pot Noodles in the microwave . . . kettle king?

8. Share a key decision you’ve made in your life:

To live for God, for others and then myself.

9. What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

My tailored suit from Thailand I bought on holiday.

10. In an alternative Olympics, I’d excel at . . .