J and G Third Degree

260512 Claire tattersall.
260512 Claire tattersall.

In the spotlight this week is Claire Tattersall of Bo’ness

1. Three words that best sum me up ...

Competitive, loyal, generous.

2. You’ll find me listening to ...

Anything that Robbie Williams sings, not a massive music fan but guaranteed to buy all Robbie’s albums.

3. Which sporting event would you love top-notch tickets to and why?

The Champions League final. Watching the two best football teams in Europe would be a dream come true.

4. How do you like to escape from it all?

A couple of days pampering at Stobo Castle with the girls.

5. What did you last treat yourself to?

Tickets to see Mrs Brown’s Boys.

6. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

Orlando, Florida. I love the shopping, the theme parks, mostly water parks, and the relaxed way of life.

7. Share one of your proudest achievements.

Last year I was lucky enough to carry the Olympic torch. Can’t see there being many moments that could top that.

8. Describe your perfect Saturday.

A home win for Hearts followed by dinner at Bar Leo with friends.

9. Which TV/radio show do you never miss and why’s it so addictive?

NCIS. I have to admit to having a huge crush on Mark Harmon.

10. Share three things you are looking forward to later this year.

My nephew’s first birthday, hopefully a sunshine holiday and Hearts winning the League Cup final.