J and G Third Degree

230413 Laurie brown ,sq, blood donor.
230413 Laurie brown ,sq, blood donor.

In the spotlight this week is Laurie Brown of South Queensferry

1 Which three people (alive or dead) would you love to share a pint with?

Glenn Miller/Daniel Craig/God.

2 It’s not widely known, but I...

Represented Scotland at ten pin bowling.

3 Three things you associate with your youth:

Playing rugby, hot summers and meeting my wife of 44 years, Norma.

4 Last film seen/book read/album listened to:

Skyfall/Hornet’s Nest (Patricia Cornwell) / The Great American Songbook (Rod Stewart).

5 My best and worst personality traits, according to my nearest and dearest:

My friendly, open nature. I won’t stop talking long enough to let my wife get a word in.

6 How do you like to escape from it all?

Cruising on ocean liners and ballroom dancing.

7 If you could learn any new skill (money no object) what would it be?

I am happy as I am, but would love to have been clever enough to be a doctor.

8 Where would you like an all-expenses trip to, and why?

A world cruise because there is still so much to see and learn.

9 Three things in my 2013 diary I’m looking forward to:

A cruise/enjoying summer in our new wee flat/another year of my grandchildren keeping me young.

10 In a film of your life, who would play the leading man?

I have been mistaken for a famous actor but no one knows who he is (Daniel Craig)!