J and G Third Degree

080513  Jennifer kalra, third degree.
080513 Jennifer kalra, third degree.

Under the spotlight this week is Jennifer Kalra, Linlithgow Bridge

1 Three words that best sum me up...

Honest, fun and hard working.

2 My favourite meal is:

Home made freshly baked pizza, salad and wine, lots of wine!!!

3 Which celebrities’ style sense do you admire for a) an everyday look, b) red carpet glam?

a) Holly Willoughby b) Beyonce.

4 How do you like to escape from it all?

I usually go to Belfast and see my family every month or six weeks, it’s good seeing old friends again.

5 What did you last treat yourself to?

New shoes, I’m a typical girl. I love my bags and shoes!

6 Where is your favourite place in the world and why?

Kerala, South India. We went here for our honeymoon and had a fantastic time.

7 What’s guaranteed to wind you up?

People telling lies, especially when they know they’ve been caught out on something.

8 Which super power would you like, and why?

The ability to get things done quickly, I hate waiting. I’m a doer not a talker.

9 Share a memorable birthday experience:

I bought a new MG TF sports car for my 23rd birthday.

10 Which three things are you looking forward to later this year?

Hopefully a holiday, not one booked yet but looking. Gracie starting nursery and hopefully a sunny summer!