J and G Third Degree

020512 Julia cross.
020512 Julia cross.

In the spotlight this week is Julia Cross, South Queensferry

1 What three words best sum you up?

Loyal, determined, focused.

2 How would you spend your perfect weekend?

Friends, fun, sun and sea.

3 Your fondest memory this year so far?

My tae kwon-do student Gilles Brown winning the European championships in Sweden, he is the first Scottish male to do so.

4 Best movie seen in the last year and why:

Bridesmaids ... so funny. Better than The Hangover! Girls are far more wild.

5 What was the last thing you treated yourself to?

A new house.

6 Which major sporting event would you love top-notch tickets/backstage pass for, and why?

Baseball in Philadelphia? Never been to an American sporting event. I’m going there in June so maybe!!

7 What is your all-time favourite meal?

Pad Thai off market stalls in Thailand.

8 If you could be anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you chose and why?

Hawaii ..again I’ve never been and would love to go there, it looks amazing.

9 What was your first job?

Bank clerk.

10 If you could achieve one thing by the end of this year, what would it be?

Have world champions within my gym and finish my house!!