J & G Third Degree

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IN the spotlight this week is Martin Gallagher, vice chairman of Queensferry and District Community Council.

1 If you had an unexpected windfall, what would be the first thing you’d treat yourself to?

Definitely a holiday! I would love to visit California again.

2 What’s one of your earliest memories?

Going to meet my brother in hospital just after he was born when I was three years old.

3 Which famous person would you love to interview, and what would you ask them?

Steven Spielberg, and I would ask him what motivates him when making his films.

4 According to your nearest and dearest, what are your best and worst personality traits?

Best trait: I’m very well organised. Worst trait: I can get rather stressed when things don’t work the way they should...

5 What would be your three desert island essentials?

Well if I was on a desert island I probably wouldn’t be in great shape, so I’d say food, water and matches for a fire!

6 Which TV show would you love to have a part on and why?

Honestly, none! I watch very little TV!

7 I shouldn’t really admit this, but...

I have had a really big crush on Sarah Michelle Gellar for the past 12 years.

8 What is the most anticipated event in your 2012 diary?

Finishing and hopefully passing my Open University course in October.

9 How would you sum up your approach to life?

True happiness in life is not obtained through self-gratification, but through dedication to worthy causes.

10 What’s your idea of the perfect Saturday?

A long lie-in, followed by a leisurely walk in the afternoon and beer, dips and DVD in the evening.