Jam Jar Army recruits wanted

Start saving coins
Start saving coins
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We’re still recruiting for our new campaign, the Journal and Gazette Jam Jar Army, which is turning spare coppers into lots of cash for local community events.

To take part you simply need an old jam jar, and somewhere to collect - your own house, your office, your school or a local shop.

This year the money is being split between good causes in Linlithgow, Bo’ness and South Queensferry, including the Bo’ness Fair, Ferry Fair and Linlithgow Marches and Gala Day.

You don’t need to officially inform us if you are taking part, simply start collecting those loose coppers and drop the cash off to us when your jar or jars are full. You can replenish them as many times as you like over the coming year.

To identify with our good cause you can download and print labels for your jam jars from our website, visit http://www2.jpscotland.co.uk/pdf/JamJarArmylinlithgowlabelspdf.pdf

And while you don’t need to officially sign up, we do want to hear what your doing to help. Call our newsdesk on 01324 690222 or email 
editorial@journalandgazette.co.uk and you could be featured in your favourite local paper.