Jessie J is our queen!

Torphichen Gala Queen and champion Jessie Jamieson and Calum Ireland
Torphichen Gala Queen and champion Jessie Jamieson and Calum Ireland

The historic West Lothian village of Torphichen is to celebrate its annual gala day on Saturday, June 14 .

And the 2014 Queen-elect and champion have been chosen – a delighted Jessie Jamieson and Calum Ireland.

At a recent special assembly at Torphichen Primary School, chairwoman of the gala committee, Jennifer Dunsmore, assisted teachers to perform the draw for the main retinue for the village’s 106th gala day.

Jennifer said: “This year’s event will be the 105th anniversary of our gala day, something we are exceptionally proud of.

“Once again we are hoping for good weather but, regardless, Torphichen people know how to enjoy themselves – no matter what the weather throws at us.”

The parade commences at noon from the school, through the village, before returning to the school playground where the official crowning ceremony will take place around 1pm.

After the crowning, events move to the green in the centre of the village where funfair rides will be located, the bands will play and races will take place.

Gala Day finishes with an evening dance in the community centre, starting at 7.30pm.

The dance is a ticket only event; they can be purchased from committee members.

Sarah Ireland, mother of this year’s champion, said: “We are delighted that Calum has been selected as the champion for this year’s gala day.

“We are all really looking forward to the day.

“It’s a huge accolade for him to take on a role which has a history going back over one hundred years.”