Jobless in West Lothian are rising

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LATEST figures on the local economy show that unemployment for West Lothian is on the increase.

West Lothian jobless figures from the West Lothian Economic Partnership for August stood at 4,713, an increase of 23 on July. The region’s unemployment rate is 4.1 per cent, below the Scottish average of 4.3 per cent but above the Great Britain average of 3.9 per cent.

This makes West Lothian the 13th highest in unemployment out of all Scottish local authority areas.

Youth unemployment (18-24 year olds) in West Lothian for August was 1,550, a rise of 25 from July, and out of the 967 notified jobseeker vacancies in August, there was a net decrease of 362 from July. There are currently five jobseekers for every vacancy advertised in local jobcentres.

West Lothian has a higher proportion (8.3 per cent) for August than Scotland (7.6 per cent) for youth unemployment.