Jordan’s attacker facing life imprisonment

Jordan MacKay
Jordan MacKay

A savage knife attacker was today (Tuesday) facing life imprisonment after stabbing to death a young Kirkliston man who was on a night out with his girlfriend.

Jack Mallon (47) plunged a blade into 20-year-old Jordan MacKay’s neck leaving the victim’s girlfriend screaming for help.

Nicole McKay (21) said she saw Mallon come out of a car and later saw him “with the knife in the air and Jordan holding his neck”.

Miss McKay said her boyfriend was losing a lot of blood and could not speak in the wake of the attack. She said: “I was trying to help Jordan.”

She tried to give mouth-to-mouth but told the court: “I thought Jordan was dying.”

Mallon was found guilty of murdering Mr MacKay and his former girlfriend, Charlene Wilson, was convicted of killing the victim on a reduced charge o culpable homicide.

The pair had both denied murdering joiner Mr MacKay, of Kirkliston, in the attack in the early hours of July 13 at The Loan, in South Queensferry.

Mallon had lodged a special defence claiming that he was acting in defence of himself and his co-accused, during their trial at the High Court in Edinburgh.

The jury’s decision to convict Mallon of the murder was greeted with cries of “yes” from the public benches in court.

The victim was taken to hospital in Edinburgh following the knife assault in South Queensferry but died despite the efforts of medical staff after sustaining a wound that was about 11 centimetres long.

After the attack Mallon said: “I am in big s--t. I have stabbed somebody. I think I am going down for it.”

He was also heard to say: “I have stabbed someone in the neck and killed him.”

Mr MacKay and his girlfriend had been out socialising in Queensferry where Wilson was also drinking. Mallon later arrived in South Queensferry by car after Wilson contacted him.

Wilson (37) from Kikrliston, had been at the Stag’s Head in South Queensferry’s High Street and had shouted at Mr MacKay’ girlfriend who “laughed it off”, the court heard.

One witness said that as they were leaving the pub Wilson tried to slap Mr MacKay. Courtney McGinn (19) said: “I am not sure she did hit Jordan, but she did go to hit Jordan.”

Outside the bar Wilson clashed with others, with some viewing it as “a bit of banter”. But she was captured on camera declaring: “Of course I am an angry female.”

One witness said: “She seemed angry about what just happened down in the main street outside the Stag. She was threatening to get them all done in.”

Another said that Wilson had made a threat to get Mallon down to carry out a stabbing.

The court heard that Wilson was seeking the names of those involved in the incident with her. One man said: “She kept on going on about it, but we were refusing to give her the names.”

Footage of the incident outside the pub was caught on CCTV and mobile phones and was shown to the jury.

Wilson was asked how she felt about her antics and said: “Disgusted with myself, embarrassed, it’s just not something I am proud of.”

She said: “I was really drunk that night and I can’t really remember anything about it.”

She told the court: “I would never want anybody to stab anyone. I would never, ever want anybody to be killed.”

Wilson, whom one woman heard say: “I know I am a fat bitch but I can fight” during the evening, told the court that she thought using knives was “a coward’s way”.

But prosecutor Iain McSporran said: “If it had not been for you Jordan MacKay would still be alive, wouldn’t he?”

Wilson said: “I made a phone call but not for that to happen. I never got him to come down to do that.”

She said: “I presume I was angry and probably upset and embarrassed, obviously because I was getting called names and things. So I probably did phone him because I wanted support, but I definitely would not want him to kill or stab anybody.”

Mr MacKay’s mother, Elizabeth, told the court that her son had been “a big, handsome, strapping, strong boy”.

She asked about the effect of his death on her and the family and said: “When Jordan died, we died.”

She said her son was still living at home at the time of his death, but had a girlfriend from his school days. She said: “He was going to marry her. I know her was. He told me.”

Mrs MacKay (55) said they were about to go on their first holiday together to Gran Canaria.

The midwife said she loved her job but had been unable to return to her work. She said: “I don’t know If I can help women and their families to bring children into the world any more.”

Mrs MacKay said they were an ordinary family whose life had been destroyed. Her husband said he would happily change places with his boy.

Mr McSporran said the depressing reality of the consumption of alcohol and the ease with which people carried knives had led to another death.

The judge, Johanna Johnston QC, told Wilson and Mallon: “Each of you has been convicted of criminal responsibility for the death of Jordan MacKay.”

She told Mallon there was only one sentence that could be imposed in his case for murder - life imprisonment. But the judge will need to set a minimum term he must in jail before he becomes eligible to seek release.

She deferred sentence on the pair, who were remanded in custody, until next month.

After the case finished Mr MacKay’s family issued a statement in which they said they were relieved at the outcome of the verdict.

“We can now get some justice for our Jordan, but at the same time we are saddened knowing our country no longer supports capital punishment.”

“Jack Mallon and Charlene Wilson will never have the same punishment we do. We are the ones with the life sentence having to live the rest of our lives without Jordan.”

“The grief and pain this mindless act of violence has caused is indescribable. We can never laugh as hard or love as much as we did when our boy was here with us. Jordan was and always will remain engrained in our hearts forever more.”

“We would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming support in our darkest hours and ask the media again to give us privacy to try to learn to live without ‘our Jord’,” it said.