Joy for diamond couple

Jimmy & Jessie Smith celebrating their Diamond wedding anniversary
Jimmy & Jessie Smith celebrating their Diamond wedding anniversary

December 1953 was, without doubt, an extra special year for the Smiths, for that was the year Jessie met James.

The couple, who live in North Street, Bo’ness met when Jessie was working for Alexander’s hardware stores, while husband James worked in the shale mines at Whitequarries.

The couple, who wereteenage sweethearts, met ‘at the dancing’ in the Burgh Halls, Linlithgow where love blossomed, and they married on December 5, 1953.

They went on to have three children of their own, James (59), Jacqueline (54) and Lesley Ann(49) who in turn have given them four grandchildren.

Jessie commented saying: “The key to a long and happy life is to have a laugh every day and never go to bed without resolving an argument.

“Don’t hold grudges, that’s a recipe for disaster, sort the problem out, move on and never go to bed without a kiss.

“We both enjoy a wee drink. I like a white wine occasionally, while Jim takes a dram at night - everything in moderation is the best way.

“Don’t be listening too much to these people who continually tell you, this is bad for you, or you can’t have that.

“A wee bit of everything is just fine, it’s seen us alright over the last few years anyway.”

Jacqueline English, James and Jessie’s daughter said: “In this day and age to reach such an achievement as 60-years of marriage is really something special. They’ve been a loving couple and do everything together, you very rarely find one without the other.”