Kane you do it? Yes you can!

Fiona Hyslop, Cabinet Minister for Culture and External Affairs in the Scottish Government, told a packed house: “the eyes of the world are watching Scotland”.

Fiona was “in conversation” with Pat Kane, a writer and musician with Hue and Cry, at Linlithgow Bowling Club.

She added: “We will be the most prepared country ever to face independence.”

Talking about their journeys to voting Yes in the Referendum on September 18, they shared their early years with the audience and how they developed their political ideals.

Although born in Scotland, Fiona went to school in Margaret Thatcher’s home town of Grantham.

She developed her political consciousness at Glasgow University and her passion to make a difference led her into politics.

Pat described his second generation Irish immigrant roots. His global travels led him to believe that independence is a “forward facing concept”.

Talking about the vote, he said: “Clearly we can do it; clearly we have the resources to do it. The next question is do we have the will to do it?”

Fiona summed up last Friday’s event after a lively Q&A session, saying “Independence is not about looking to the past. It’s about having an eye on the horizon and where we can go”.