Katie Wearie unveiled in Linlithgow

010611 unveiling of katie wearey statue at westport, linlithgow
010611 unveiling of katie wearey statue at westport, linlithgow

THE life-size bronze sculpture of Katie Wearie was officially unveiled last week.

Located on the West Port Green, the new artwork designed and created by artist Tim Chalk is based on the character associated with “Katie Wearie’s Tree”.

Provost Tom Kerr and Tim Chalk joined local singers and songwriters to celebrate with songs based on the legendary drover and the local area.

The sculpture features a bronze tree with Katie Wearie resting under it. In the bent branches above her a bird welcomes in the day, and as the day progresses, its shadow traces the hours on the markings set into the ground with granite setts, making a sundial. Visitors can join Katie by sitting on the sculptured bench beside the tree.

A song lyric from local folk singer, Paul Streater, was incorporated into the final artwork saying: “Katie kens the burns and braes and where the kine can drink, which gies oor Katie plenty time to sit a while and think.”

Provost Kerr said: “It is important that we maintain the folklore of Linlithgow and the Katie Wearie name has been used by many generations of the town. I am sure that there could be other interpretations of ‘Katie Wearie’ but having consulted with several groups within the town, I think this portrayal is the most accurate.”

The project cost £40,000.