Kelpies’ surprise showing in Bo’ness

kelpies at kinneil
kelpies at kinneil

There were two surprise 
visitors at the Kinneil House open day at the weekend - two 15 foot horse sculptures!

The scale replicas of the 
Kelpies, the giant equine models which dominate the Helix, were a last minute addition to the day.

Maria Ford, chairperson of The Friends of Kinneil, said: “We got notification late on Friday that the mini Kelpies were coming to Kinneil. When the amazing models arrived on Saturday morning, word quickly spread on social media.

“As well as the 500 or so people who visited Kinneil House on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, many more people came along to get pictures of the sculptures.”

A similar set of Kelpies has recently been on display in New York.

Bo’ness Councillor Adrian Mahoney said: “Since the John Muir Festival was launched at the big Kelpies we thought it would be a nice touch to bring the wee ones to Kinneil for the finale weekend.

“Even the Mini Kelpies are quite heavy and need a specialist lorry and lifting gear. It was great to see so many families out in the park.”