Kenyan Fairtrade visit to Linlithgow

Anisia Wanya and supporters at Linlithgow
Anisia Wanya and supporters at Linlithgow

People from as far as Falkirk and Edinburgh recently swarmed to the Linlithgow Canal Basin Tearoom to meet with a Fairtrade producer from Kenya.

Anisia Wanya, from Mount Kenya, explained to the audience of the success of her company but also of the hardships it has faced.

Anisia started her company in 1991, and employed 35 farmers.

That has risen enormously over the past 23 years, as they now employ 265 farmers.

The business also reaches out to others in their village, including an average of 10 people per household are involved in the farming or factory production.

Afterwards, Anisia had a question and answer session and allowed people to chat with her privately afterwards.