Kirk switches on and shines a light on god given talents

Torphichen Art exhibition
Torphichen Art exhibition

Torphichen Kirk is staging an art exhibition in May entitled “Let there be Light” to celebrate the abundance of talent in Torphichen and beyond.

As well as a number of professional artists, the exhibition will feature works from the pre-school Twins Group, pensioners and many talented local amateurs.

This is Torphichen’s fifth biennial art exhibition, an eagerly awaited event in the art-lover’s calendar.

It is a selling exhibition with 60 per cent of the purchase price going to the artist and 40 per cent to Torphichen Kirk funds.

The exhibition runs from Friday, May 8, to Monday, May 11. Various art media, including paintings, drawings, photography, embroidery, silver, treen and ceramics, will be on display.

There will be craft demonstrations at 2pm on both Saturday and Sunday and an “Art Cart” for children of all ages will allow them to explore their creative talents as well as live music sessions.

John McCulloch, an exhibition spokesman: “We are delighted to encourage artists of all ages and stages to create and celebrate their God-given talents and to offer hospitality to artists and art lovers in a unique, historic building.

“The art exhibition enables artists and craftsmen to say “thank you” for their talents in Torphichen Kirk.”

While there is still nine weeks to the exhibition date, those wishing to enter must submit documentation by March 29. Submission forms can be downloaded from the website