‘Leaf it to us’ say pupils

Greenferry Planting Day
Greenferry Planting Day

Queensferry High School pupils breathed a sigh of relief after organising a successful summer planting project in the community.

For as soon as the Commonwealth baton passed through the village, senior pupils Aysha Ahmed, Faizah Zahid, Ciaran Kitchtin, Daniella Berzsenyi and Hannah Le Morvan swung into action to sort almost 1000 plants into sets, to be delivered to the High Street and Scotmid area.

The pupils took charge of volunteers from the community and provided instructions and advice on how to dig the plants in.

They were supported by nine Sea Cadets from TS Lochinvar who turned up to help.

Pupils then organised a separate team to sweep up and another to water all the plants at the end.

Afterwards, the youngsters enjoyed a well-earned lunch supplied by GreenFerry members who had kept a quiet eye on the whole project.

Leading up to the event, the senior pupils, also including Lauren Yates-Badley and Nour Traboulsi, met on Mondays to learn what was involved in managing a flower project.

They divided up the work and each pupil took on various tasks according to their interests.

The project, which they called “Fantastic Flowers” provided them with opportunities to manage meetings, choose flowers, calculate numbers, write press releases, contact key individuals, and get involved in hands-on preparation of the planters ahead of the day.

Joyce Faulkner, GreenFerry chairwoman, said: “I cannot speak highly enough of this group of pupils.

‘‘They proved themselves very capable, willing, reliable and hard-working. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them. They are a credit to themselves and Queensferry High School.“

Senior pupil, Faizah Zahid, added: “I really enjoyed the day. The time passed quickly and it was great to see the whole street planted up. It was hard work, but worth it.”

Sadly, this is the last planting event which will take place under GreenFerry’s supervision.

Organisation will now pass on to Queensferry Ambition who will supervise the project in future, once again in partnership senior pupils from the High School.