Learning lessons of Olympic Games

170812 Boness st andrews church holiday club.
170812 Boness st andrews church holiday club.

The Olympics may be over for another four years but the flame was still shining at St. Andrew’s Church holiday club as they took part in their very own games.

Youth leader Craig Hannah was delighted with the success of the club and hopes it will grow for next year.

“We had about 60 kids there each day which was brilliant.

‘‘We also had a lot of help from young people as leaders and that was really encouraging to see,” he said.

“We got such a great response that we will look into extending the hours next time. The kids had a lot of fun.”

Craig, who was a torch 
bearer for the Olympic Relay this year, decided on this theme as it teaches the children great team work values and he could adapt this to help them learn about Christianity too.

“The Olympics have great 
values for the young people to learn about and they seemed to respond really well to the 
ideas,’’ he added.

‘‘We held a closing ceremony in the church on the Sunday to mark the end of our games where we handed out gold, 
silver and bronze medals to the teams.”