Letters published on July 22, 2011


Sir, – You reported (July 8) that 700 people in Linlithgow have been telephoned as part of a retail survey for Wallace Land.

The Linlithgow Against Supermarket Development campaign (LASD) would welcome any comments on the conduct of the survey from any of your readers who were telephoned by the researchers. Comments can be emailed to campaign @ lasd.org.uk or sent by post to LASD, c/o The Linlithgow Bookshop, 48 High Street, Linlithgow EH49 7AE. – Yours etc.,


Chairman, LASD

Back branch

Sir, – I was both surprised and delighted to be on Her Majesty’s Honours List and receive the MBE at Holyrood Palace last week. This was mainly for services to the local branch of the Royal British Legion.

Although I personally received this award I still have this thought at the back of my mind that I was not alone in making our branch a success in the past.

I was thinking of the members such as Andrew Lapsley, Michael Cullen, Arthur Reid, David Grant, Daniel Cairns, Michael Gardiner and Archie Shanks.

I could go on and fill this paper with many other names of members who gave up a lot of time and effort to keep the branch solvent.

I would like these members to feel that this award is also for the good work they have done in the past.

I also feel as many other members do, that we should try our best to raise the Legion standard once more in our town. Give your support to the present committee in the effort to find new headquarters and not let our branch become a memory.

At the last area council meeting I attended, it was confirmed that since 2000, nine branches have closed. I don’t want Bo’ness to be number 10. So please give us your support.–Yours etc.,


Jessfield Place, Bo’ness.

Thistle stung

Sir, – Congratulations to Linlithgow Rose and BFC in their quest to achieve Community Level of the SFA Quality Mark. I’m sure West Lothian Council and other funding bodies will be even more accommodating in fulfilling the wishes of the “two main football organisations within the local community”. With this, yet again, adult amateur football is further suppressed.

Our players’ jerseys are sized M-XL and not Small Boys or 8-14. As a result, we find it difficult to draw support from governing bodies, funding sources, WLC and West Lothian Leisure simply because we don’t tick “the correct boxes”.

To book a football pitch in Linlithgow involves waiting in line along with teams from outwith the town, with pitch allocations and preference given to rugby, youth and girls organisations. As such, if any club should be complaining about a “chronic shortage” of facilities in the town, it should be us.

Linlithgow Thistle AFC is an amateur football club focussed on the future. The committee has provided a vision for the club which has undoubtedly contributed to the off-field rise in community awareness of amateur football in Linlithgow.

We are in an enviable position insofar as amateur teams are concerned, to concentrate on donating money to local charities. We utilise and support local clubs and facilities to stage our events.

Most importantly, is that the team has cross district inclusion. All players are Bo’nessians, Black Bitches and Bridgenders. With this, we have created a cohesive support group and an admirable band of local sponsors.

Of course we are excited for the future to welcome those players who have progressed through Linlithgow Rose Community FC but are unable to make the grade at the Rose.

We hope to be able to provide the outlet to those players whose age and talent will ultimately exclude them from the set-up, despite its SFA Awards.

Because, for the Thistle, it is about willing volunteers who love the game being able to access association football in Linlithgow - to us that is community football in its truest sense. – Yours etc.,


Linlithgow Thistle AFC

Trophy plea

Sir, – I have a very impressive silver trophy engraved with “J. Crorie Challenge Cup presented to Bo’ness Cycling Club.”

On the plinth are engraved the names of winners from 1949 (W. Begg), right through to 1956 (McGregor) together with all the times. The lid of the trophy has a figure of a soldier standing proud with the Union Jack.

I think it may be possible that my late father-in-law, Jim Crorie of Bo’ness might have given the trophy to set up a cycling club for servicemen returning to the area to continue the camaraderie and fitness regime of the army life. I can only think that it was then returned following the disbandment of the club.

I would like to find out more about the trophy’s history before deciding its fate. I have tried to contact cycling clubs in the Bo’ness area but I understand there are no local clubs there now. I wonder if any of your readers can help? – Yours etc.,


by e-mail.