Letters to the editor

A selection of letters from August 5, 2011

Sir, – We do require bins and we are pleased that the council are organised to empty them. But bins are not pretty, they can obstruct the pavement especially for prams and wheelchairs and obscure the colourful planters.

In the High Street we have some bins that are on the pavement all the time and others that sit there for long periods or all weekend along with piles of cardboard boxes. I realise there may be difficulties for some but I do think more of an effort should be made to have bins out on the pavement for the minimium amount of time.

What did the thousands of visitors to the joisting think of our High Street? A town of wells or a town of bins? – Yours etc.,


Jock’s Hill


Not needed

Sir, – I think Jim Slavin has hit the nail on the head in his letter last week (Planning gain?). There is absolutely no need for another out of town shopping centre when there are already many high quality shops offering excellent service on the High Street.

Unfortunately, one major problem to the success of the High Street is the car parking situation in the town.

This is where out of town shopping has the advantage, because people have the advantage of getting easily to and from them by car. I personally do not see how a park and ride scheme can ease this for local people either.

However, are we not missing a once in a lifetime golden opportunity to ease the car parking situation once and for all and make High Street visits easy for everyone who chooses/has to, go by car. I refer to the now closed First Group Bus Depot. If this redevelopment were used to add say another 100 plus car parking places (with flats over the top), it should give ample opportunity for people to visit the centre of town by car, including tourist traffic.

The extra spaces generated could then allow restrictions on parking at certain bottlenecks (for example, the Old Post Office and the narrow portion west of the Golden Chip), to ease traffic flow through the town. Also, much more convenient disabled parking/mini bus drop off point facilities could be provided by perhaps also changing the Vennel Car Park into a dedicated disabled car park.

Of course all of this has to be funded, but would the result not be much better than the destruction of perhaps one of the most attractive town entrances in West Lothian, with unnecessary development that might never be finished anyway? We can never get a local town centre by-pass to allow town centre traffic restriction, so embrace the car and make the High Street convenient for shopping by car. – Yours etc.,


by e-mail.

Not so new

Sir, – Eddy Cornock is right to be concerned about fuel poverty (letters, July 20), however his proposals for alleviating the problem are unrealistic and will only make the problems worse.

Each turbine in Britain’s wind farms is subsidised to the extent of several hundred thousand pounds per year. That subsidy comes from our electricity bills. The more wind turbines we have the higher our electricity bills will become.

If we want cheaper electricity, we must stop this rush to renewables and install cheaper generating capacity - that means more gas, coal and especially nuclear generation.

Also, the country is in no financial position to build vast numbers of energy-efficient council houses, nor to nationalise the electricity companies. The government is already borrowing one in every five pounds it spends. Put another way the government is increasing its debt by around one hundred and fifty billion pounds this tax year.

Because the British government is borrowing excessive amounts and creating money by quantitative easing the pound is going down. This again leads to higher costs for gas and for electricity generated by burning gas.

The solution is to end the subsidies to wind turbines, encourage more companies to generate electricity conventionally, build nuclear power stations and pursue a sound money policy. – Yours etc.,


Inveralmond Grove


Footie fund

Sir, – It was with disappointment and a tinge of sadness that I heard of Bridgend United Amateur Football Club’s amalgamation with Bathgate Vale Amateurs Football Club and playing under the name of Bathgate Thistle A.F.C. in the coming season in the L.E.A.F.A. Amateur League.

This name change was achieved after a tie up with the local junior club and the team will be based in Bathgate.

On a football level that is the team’s perogative, but as Bridgend United AFC no longer remains a part of the village and in reality no longer exists, would it not be a fine gesture that the substantial amount of money that was raised for the Auldhill Park development fund, which clearly will not now be going ahead, and which a large portion of said fund was raised in the village, could be used to enhance something in a village that does not have much in the way of facilities for the villagers? –Yours etc.,


Auldhill Avenue,


Sir,– Please may I use your column to assist me in my quest to find some of the 7569 pink cars which are on the road in the UK? I was delighted when the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders Limited (SMMT) told me how many pink cars there are, but I’m struggling to find them and I’m hoping your readers might be able to help.

I organise an annual Pink Car Rally to raise awareness of, and funds for, a fledgling children’s charity The Little Princess Trust, which gives ‘real hair wigs’ to children who lose their hair, primarily through chemotherapy. The charity helps children throughout the UK and only employs two part-time staff. The rest of us volunteer our time, which means that most of the money raised is spent on wigs, rather than on staffing and administration costs.

Last year 39 pink cars and a pink National Express Coach participated in the pink procession, but I really want to tell more pink car owners about it, in the hope that they will join us. Each Rally leaves Hereford, where the charity is based, and heads for a different children’s hospital. This year’s Rally, on Sunday, September 4, will be going to the Children’s Hospital for Wales, in Cardiff. Previously, pink car owners have driven from as far away as Scotland, North Wales, Sussex, and Lancashire to join in, so I’m keen to spread the word all over the UK.

More information about the Rally can be found at www.pink-car-rally.com. If any readers would like to make a donation, they can do so via JustGiving www.justgiving.com/teams/pink-car-rally-2011. –Yours etc.,



Little Princess Trust.


Bus times

Sir, – It is excellent news that the town service bus is to run earlier in the mornings for commuters.

I can’t see it will have much effect on parking at the station unless the service is also extended past 6pm as we also have to be able to get home again!

And it doesn’t help those who work on Saturdays.–Yours etc.,