Letters to the editor


A selection from out postbag of October 14, 2011

Remote help

Sir,– I have heard people talking about bike trails in Kinneil woods which doesn’t appeal to me. Yet if they can do that why can’t they have an RC car area or an airsoft area. Just a question I thought I would throw out there but I think it would be great. – Yours etc.,


by e-mail.

Making the best

Sir,– I was disappointed over the past couple of weeks to see the Labour Leader of Falkirk Council regurgitate his press releases from last year attacking the SNP Government on the financial settlement with local authorities proposed by Finance Secretary John Swinney.

It is worth pointing out to your readers that at the most recent COSLA meeting, on a motion from independent councillors, council leaders voted 22 to seven in favour of what is seen as an extremely good settlement for local government against the backdrop of swinging cuts from Westminster.

At the meeting Labour found themselves completely marginalised as every other party and non-party group dismissed what at best can be described as petty political posturing from Labour who still cannot vote in favour of anything coming from the SNP, even when it is a clear win for the communities they represent.

Whilst it is recognised everyone is facing a tightening of belts because of Westminster cuts, throughout the Spending Review, local government will receive a bigger share of resource funds controlled by the Scottish Government, including business rates, than the position inherited in 2007-08. As a result, key local services and priorities are protected – including the 1000 extra police delivered by the SNP Government, and opposed by Labour, and the Council Tax freeze.

Despite the petty political games played by the Labour Party, it is encouraging to see that all other council leaders can work across political divides, and in partnership with the Scottish Government, to deliver the best result for our local communities. Perhaps it’s time Councillor Martin started to do the same?–Yours etc.,


Grangemouth Ward / Falkirk East Constituency

Taxing case

Sir,– They said that the UK could not go it alone - imposing the Financial Transaction Tax.

Now that Germany, France and other countries are prepared to do so, they say it would be detrimental to business in the City of London.

They say we are all in it together and yet the very people who got us into this mess are not suffering proportionately.

Imposing a tiny tax of .02 per cent on the trillions that get transacted daily would bring in billions.

Who is ruling this country - the banks or the elected representatives of the people?–Yours etc.,


Friars Brae,


Devine help

Sir,–Not having any access to Internet, I’d like to reply to the facebook comment in Your Say Online from the lady who said if she gets too old, she would kill herself if she got to like Sydney Devine M.B.E.

I’m sure Sydney would not like to think he caused her death. He does excellent work for Marie Curie Cancer Care and has raised a lot of money for that cause.

Also we are all affected by illness but if you need looking after, be it hospital or hospice, it does not matter about your taste of music, you will be helped just the same.–Yours etc.,


Listloaning Road,

Linlithgow Bridge.