Letters to the editor

From our issue of November 25, 2011

Roll plea

Sir, – Bo’ness Town Council, in keeping with most councils throughout Britain, compiled a Roll of Honour to record details of everyone, not just those who died, from the parish of Bo’ness and Carriden who served in the armed forces during World War 1.

This was no simple task. In support of the council, the Journal advertised regularly for relevant information from the families and friends of anyone enlisted.

Various draft versions of the emerging roll appear in early Journal copies.

I have no information as to how or if this roll was updated to the end of hostilities in November 1918.

No trace of the official Bo’ness roll has survived. No one in the current Bo’ness library or the records offices in Callendar House or Blackburn or Linlithgow libraries has any knowledge of its existence or history.

I was born and raised in Bo’ness and my grandfather, father and uncles served in that war.

Following a recent death in the family, papers fell into my possession which led me to compile some family history

To assist me with this task, amongst other things, I have been reading through the Journal issues of 1914-1919 and wish to know more about life in Bo’ness and the contribution made by its sons and daughters in that period.

I wonder if you could assist me further?

I would be amazed if the roll as advertised in the Journal of December 15, 1916, hadn’t sold a large number of copies.

Some of these could still exist in a Bo’ness attic somewhere.

Could you possibly include a small article in your paper seeking to entice a copy of the roll into the open where I might be allowed to view it and where you might choose to campaign for its restoration to a proper presentation to assist remembrance. – Yours etc.,


(previously of Church Wynd, Bo’ness)

23 St Mary’s Drive,


Cheshire CW8 2EZ


Sir, – With regard to the article about Roberta Johnstone dated November 18, the article mentioned “Calms” as being the source of Roberta’s inspiration which has now led on to the start of her recovery.

The actual title is CAMH’s “Child and Adult Mental Health”. They are based in the Royal Edinburgh Hospital at Tipperlin Road in Edinburgh.

With the rise in mental health issues and eating disorders in young people, often parents and carers are at a loss as to whom to turn to.

My experience, as a parent, with CAMHs has been second to none, with wonderful, knowledgeable staff, who are willing to talk to you, and support you throughout. A real lifeline for all. – Yours etc.,


by email


Sir, - On the 11.11.11 at 11am, Tesco Bo’ness fell silent in a lovely tribute.

The manager, deputy manager and staff were all present in the foyer to pay their respects.

To the ignorant, arrogant, moronic rat that thought it fine to throw a monumental hissy fit and shout abuse because he wasn’t getting served, I hope you are extremely proud of yourself and were able to continue your day with your head held high!

No one is forcing you to participate, simply go about your business with your big mouth shut but always remember if it hadn’t been for those brave heroes you wouldn’t be able to live the life you live today!

I have the utmost respect for our soldiers past and present and if you cannot get behind them, then get in front of them on the front line.

Let us all see how much of a big man you would be then! Lest we forget! – Yours etc.,




Sir,– I would like to make your readers aware of an e-petition calling for the retention of RAF Leuchars as part of a renewed campaign to save the base.

If an e-petition can get at least 100,000 signatures it will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons.

RAF Leuchars is within seconds of the central belt so is well placed to respond rapidly to threats to strategic assets in Scotland’s central belt and in the north of England.

The e-petition calls for the Ministry of Defence and 10 Downing Street to justify the closure of RAF Leuchars on genuine strategic grounds.

Retention of RAF Leuchars would complement RAF Lossiemouth for the air defence of northern Britain in the round.

Those supporting the petition believe that the location and record of RAF Leuchars as a base defending the air space of the northern United Kingdom give it strategic significance which requires its retention.

The RAF Leuchars e-petition can be accessed at http://epetitions. direct.gov.uk/petitions/8372.–Yours etc.,


St John’s Way,