Letters to the editor

From our postbag of December 2, 2011

Tree time

Sir, – I am a regular visitor to the town and also a regular contributor to this page.

However, in all the time I have been coming to Bo’ness I was shocked, more so this week when I saw to my utter amazement, the large numbers of festive trees and window displays on display.

We were not even out of November and I can still smell the burning embers of the Guy Fawkes bonfires and I still have over half my Hallowe’en Haribos.

I do not want to sound or come over as a party pooper or stick in the mud, but fair’s fair.

When my two children were growing up we never put the tree up until three days before Christmas (December 22).

This was ample time for us to immerse ourselves in the true spirit of the season. Games, laughter and over indulgence.

One of my greatest regrets was that I never learned to play the piano as it would have completed the ideal festive season if we could have gathered around the piano and sang songs.

But that’s the past, today can I ask that people refrain for just a short time longer and not “put up the tree” too early. – Yours etc.,


by email


Sir,– Please, please print this letter of delighted and stunned gratitude to the anonymous gentleman who handed £20 to the Scotrail ticket operator on Monday.

I had rushed to catch the 11.44am Edinburgh train and it (the £20 note) had fallen out of my bag when I bought my ticket!

He has restored my faith in human nature and demonstrated true Christmas spirit.

Thank you very much for your honesty. – Yours etc.,


Burghmuir Court,



Sir, – Linlithgow Young People’s Project (LYPP) would like to say a big thank you to the following local businesses and everyone involved in making a big difference to the life of our project over the last few months.

Linlithgow Round Table kindly gave us money to upgrade our computer suite in the lounge.

We were able to buy three new laptops which are proving to be an excellent resource for the young people and we are very grateful to the Round Table for their generous donation.

Walker’s Carpets kindly fitted a new carpet in our music room and donated new vinyl for the toilet in our youth centre lounge.

They also fitted the carpet in our new office at The Vennel and we are delighted with the results.

This month we also had a very successful bag pack at Sainsbury’s where we raised £527 for the young people at LYPP.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supports us both directly and indirectly.

We really appreciate your generosity and will endeavour to continue our work among young people in the community.

If you would like to support us or would just like more information about our work, please pop in to our new office at 28 The Vennel or call us on 01506 202610. – Yours etc.,



Road rage

Sir, – We recently saw the closure of the A706 Bo’ness to Linlithgow road to enable resurfacing by West Lothian Council.

I would have thought this to be an ideal time for Falkirk District Council to resurface the section under their responsibility as the section between Borrowstoun Road and just above Crawfield Road is, and has been for some time, in a very poor condition.

I was very annoyed, but not surprised, to find Falkirk Council workers re-white lining this poor area of road last weekend, which I regard as a complete waste of money as it shall soon need resurfacing.

Or, perhaps, the council may just ignore it as it is only in Bo’ness and they may prefer to use such monies to perhaps put another fancy roundabout in the Falkirk area or resurface a road or pavement that does not need doing.

Would it be asking too much to ask Falkirk District Council to take a tour around Bo’ness and see the work that requires doing? – Yours etc.,


St. John’s Way, Bo’ness