Letters to the editor


From our postbag of December 9, 2011


Sir,– I would like to clarify to reason my neighbours in Hadrian Way received letters recently from Falkirk Council regarding the boundary hedge on their property in Grahamsdyke.

Never at any time were they asked to cut the hedge as low as the four feet they have suggested. All that was asked was that they maintain their hedge on their land only to a level whereby the owners could maintain it on their side without ending up with cuts and scratches which my wife and I witnessed my next door neighbour incurred.

After a few telephone calls and meetings with Councillor Ann Ritchie who agreed it was out of control, it now seems the council are suggesting a ridiculously low height for the hedge knowing the residents will not want this and it will probably be left to grow and not be maintained for who knows how long.

After all we all pay council tax, is it too much to ask for something in return?–Yours etc.,


Hadrian Way,


Horse help

Sir, – Testimony Films is producing a new documentary for Channel Four to explore the role of real war horses during World War 1.

During the First World War, the British government requisitioned nearly half a million privately owned horses from all across the country.

Does anyone remember their old horses? What did it do to the family? And was your horse returned?

If you or someone you know had horses taken away for the War and have memories to share, please contact Devika on 01179 258589, email devika.raman@testimonyfilms.com or write to War Horses Appeal, Testimony Films, 12 Great George Street, Bristol, BS1 5RH. – Yours etc.,


Coal support

Sir,–I am writing to provide some information on our organisation which may be of interest to your readers. The Coal Industry Social Welfare Organisation (CISWO) is a UK wide charity which focuses on delivering community and personal welfare services within former mining communities. We aim to offer free advice and practical assistance to any member of the Scottish coalfield community. The CISWO office in Scotland is based in Bathgate.

Our Social Workers offer a confidential home visiting service offering support at times of personal difficulty, and may be able to access funds for those experiencing financial hardship, including educational grants. We can make benefit applications on your behalf including those related to ill health caused by working within the mining industry. Any miner who develops a chest condition may be able to bring a civil case.

From January 1-September 30, our social workers have carried out 670 home visits and had 1272 client contacts. They have raised £433,586.11 on behalf of clients following contact.

Compensation/widows benefits may be able to be accessed for pneumoconiosis. If we are not able to assist, we can direct you to other organisations. For those with 10 years employment in the mining industry, a short break to one of the convalescent homes in Culross and Gullane may be arranged.

For further information/advice please contact Myrette Bracken or Lisa Stewart on 01506 635550.–Yours etc.,


Regional Manager (Scotland)

Health advice

Sir– As preparations for Christmas get underway and people start to be full of Christmas cheer, some of your readers who have diabetes will realise that Christmas is not as straight forward as they would like it to be. For most people, Christmas is a time for treats and a bit of over-indulgence and any extra pounds gained can be lost in the New Year. However, for someone with diabetes, Christmas is a time of temptation, unpredictable or delayed meals, extra nibbles, excitement and stress, all of which can lead to varying blood sugars.

We recognise that Christmas can be a difficult time for people who have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, especially the first Christmas with diabetes, so we are happy to supply people with an information pack which contains our ‘Christmas Tips’.

We are happy to send out this information pack free of charge to any of your readers to help them over Christmas. To obtain this information, your readers can contact IDDT on 01604 622837 or email martin@iddtinternational.org

We do hope you will let your readers know how we can help. –Yours etc.,


PR Manager

Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT), PO Box 294

Northampton NN1 4XS