Letters to the editor

Full praise

Sir,– There are a lot of negative things said about youth of today but I would like to say that I have nothing but praise for Scott, Patrick and Colin who willingly volunteered to help me change a flat tyre outside the newsagents on Dean Road on Saturday, December 10.

It was cold and snowy and I didn’t expect anyone to voluntarily kneel down and get wet and dirty to help me.

Even more impressive was that they accepted my concerns and didn’t get stroppy or upset when I double checked their work.

It was unnecessary as they had done it properly! Thanks lads. – Yours etc.,


Ladywell View


Piping up

Sir,– Through your letters page, and on behalf of Bo’ness Pipe Band, would it be possible to thank the players, committee and helpers of Bo’ness and Carriden Band for their tremendous professionalism and time on the occasion of our joint concert held at Bo’ness Town Hall on Friday, December 9.

Also, we would also like to thank their conductor Bebe William, and wish him the very best of luck in his new position and for the future.

Given how the weather curtailed our set up plans and the final practise session on the Thursday evening, we were delighted that the concert proceeded and with how the concert turned out.

It was also brilliant to receive some very kind comments from many members of the audience who all commented that they had a very good evening’s entertainment.

Building on the experience gained this year, and the friendship built up between the bands, it is our sincere hope that a similar event can be organised in the future.

A special thank you is also due to Jonathon Simpson, our solo piper and the staff of Falkirk Council connected to the town hall.

Once again, thank you Bo’ness and Carriden Band.–Yours etc.,


Chairman, Bo’ness Pipe Band.

In form

Sir,– I have followed Falkirk Football Club for the last 40 years. On Saturday past I took in the game at the Falkirk Stadium, where Hamilton Academicals were the visitors.

It was a massive surprise to see Bo’ness United goalkeeper Scott Christie in the Hamilton line up, the lad was the best man on the park by a country mile.

Bo’ness United don’t only have the best goalkeeper in junior football, but the best young goalkeeper in Scottish football. What is happening to our senior game?

Believe me I have watched a lot of football and there is no-one, and I mean no-one, any better equipped in all four senior leagues than this lad.–Yours etc.,


Manse Road,


Book shock

Sir,– I am withholding my name as it might not please some people in my area.

I was appalled at the cutting in the Scotsman that a third of children don’t own a book, which means 38 million UK children are not reading. What are these parents thinking about? Half of the knowledge that children gather comes from the books they read.

They say that a house that has no bookcase or shelf is showing what kind of people live there. I’m glad our local library is used by lots of children and adults alike. It has a fantastic choice and is an open door to knowledge for everyone.–Yours etc.,