Letters to the editor


From our postback of January 20, 2012

Picture this

Sir,– In last week’s Journal and Gazette, you had a picture from the past which you thought was from the paper mill. It was in fact from St Magdelene’s distillery from around 1960 as my dad (David Cochrane) was in it.

He has given me the names of the people in the picture so I thought I’d send them in.

Back row (L-R) - C. Bisset, D. Cochrane (my dad), W. Graham, W. McMeechan, T. Thomson, G. Henderson, A. Aitken, J. Lindie, T. Darrall, D. McCormack.

Middle row - W.Meikle, W. Watson, A. Scullion, G. Cochrane, W. Braithwaite, A. Archibald, T. Stokes, D. Jardine, A. Stein, L. Vaughn, B. Turnbull, W. Robertson, A. Wallace, J. McKenna.

Front row - S. Scott, P. Hastie, C. Hastie, P. Thompson, ?, G. Hamilton, J. Arnott, T. Ellis, P. Braithwaite. – Yours etc.,


(nee Cochrane).

by e-mail

Hot air?

Sir, – W. M. Ross implies that we are all doomed by global warming unless we in Europe, or is it Britain, or is it Scotland, use less electricity. (Letters, January 13).

Global temperature has not risen in the last decade. Polar bears are not endangered and sea levels are not rising. The Maldives are building 11 new airports and hotels to cater for tourism so their previous talk (to get economic aid), of sinking beneath the waves seems farfetched.

Al Gore warned that sea levels would rise by 20 feet but then built a condo costing $4 million only feet from the ocean in San Francisco, a city he warned would suffer devastating floods.

Britain has a meagre 1.5 per cent of global emissions. The 27 EU countries only 12 per cent. The other 88 per cent have no commitments to reduce CO2.

Mr Ross mentioned China and India as major polluters but could have added America, Brazil and Indonesia since all five are ignoring CO2 and growing their economies whilst the UK sprouts subsidised wind turbines and wastes £200 billion on renewables subsidies.

Three reports in the last week from Civitas, Dr C. le Pair and Dr Fred Udo reveal that wind turbines actually increase fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Unless Mr Ross can persuade America, China, Brazil, India and Indonesia to reduce their CO2 then if you really believe in global warming, sorry climate change, then you are doomed since “saving the planet” might prove a tad difficult when the other 88 per cent refuse to play. – Yours etc.,


Springfield Road, Linlithgow

Cheap shot

Sir,– Your Drew’s Views columnist attacks West Lothian Council for not replacing its “UK Council of the Year 2006” signs with a slogan such as “The Creative County”, “The Natural Place” or Edinburgh’s “Inspiring Capital”.

Perhaps he should try asking an Edinburgh resident how inspired they feel by their council. Indeed, I defy him to find any local slogan that is not vacuous or pointless, as all the above examples surely are. His suggestion of “Birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots” is hardly an improvement. Has nothing happened in our locality since 1542?

While our council certainly doesn’t get everything right, to have achieved the accolade of UK Council of the Year, even six years ago, surely counts for something.

After all, there are over 400 local authorities in the UK and, as far as I know, West Lothian remains the only Scottish body to have won this honour.

If Drew had been “UK Columnist of the Year 2006”, would he not want to remind us occasionally? He may yet find himself in the running for such recognition - as long as he can stop taking cheap shots at “self-aggrandising bureaucrats” and find something original and insightful to say. – Yours etc.,


Avalon Gardens, Linlithgow

Vote of thanks

Sir, – I am writing to say a massive thank you to The Children’s Theatre Bo’ness and the community for making me feel so welcome on my visit as author of their pantomime, Beauty and the Beast.

It was a bonus to appear as Belle’s father (Toulouse A’Lot) and be among such hard working folk.

Everyone involved works so hard for months before in order to entertain us on a cold and wintry night. You are so lucky to have the Town Hall occasionally transformed into a theatre. You can’t beat a live show!

Can I please also express my gratitude to Nan and Bill (McDonald) for welcoming me into their home and plying me with food, port and plenty of whisky!

CTB have made me proud. Please continue to support them if you can. I hope to see them all again. – Yours etc.,


23b Jasper Road, London