Letters to the editor


You decide

Sir, - Linlithgow’s future should be in the hands of local residents, not enforced upon us by the desires of external third parties.

Such an approach is not only achievable but will be much better for local people than any development plans predicated on profit.

Towns like Comrie, Dunbar, Neilston and even islands like Gigha have realised that it’s the community themselves who are best placed to identify local needs and aspirations and to gain from a community-led strategy.

On March 4 at the Burgh Halls from 11:30am-3:30pm a free workshop is planned to do just that.

Organised by local residents and organisations we would like as many people as possible to participate in defining our own destiny. With the support of the soon to be formed ‘Linlithgow Community Development Trust’, together we can define and control our own destiny, fix the issues which are top priority and gain a stronger social bond as a result.

I welcome your participation to join in and be a part of the future of the town, and not just to rally your attentions around one individual planning application. The future health and vitality of our town needs at it’s core to be decided by local people. – Yours etc.,


Project Co-ordinator,

Transition Linlithgow

Twin town

Sir, - Linlithgow Twinning Association will be making another visit to its twin town of Guyancourt in France during the Easter weekend of Friday April, 6 to Monday 9, 2012.

Participation in twinning exchange visits is open to anyone living in Linlithgow or in nearby towns, and there is no requirement to be able to speak French but a little knowledge of the language can add greatly to the enjoyment derived from taking part. Many long term friendships and acquaintances have been formed since these visits began almost thirty years ago.

If anyone would like more information about this year’s exchange visit or about future visits, please contact Allan Macleod on 01506 842594. - Yours etc.,


Chairman, Linlithgow

Twinning Association


Sir,– Regarding the front page headline about the Wallace Land development, as always it seems to look great on paper but the crux of the matter lies in how it is going to appear when it is completed.

A chunk of rolling countryside is going to be swallowed up by a developmental catastrophe that will impact on the town.

How can it encourage people to come into Linlithgow to shop, when everything is there on the outskirts and a slip road to come and go by the same route.

What is needed is more energy and thought about the centre of Linlithgow and how it can be made more attractive to visitors - not some out of the way development on the edge of town which will suit only people who have cars or other means of getting there.

Assign development jungles like this to the scrapheap where they belong. – Yours etc.,


Preston Road, Linlithgow


Sir, – I write in anger and in opposition to the Wallace Land proposed development of Linlithgow.

Linlithgow simply does not need any of what is proposed. It will do immense damage to local businesses and will ruin the approach to our historic town, carefully protected over the last 40 years.

Imagine leaving town past the Oracle factory. Look right and left. All you can see as far as the motorway, will be developed and highly visible. Linlithgow is a unique jewel. Let’s not turn it into a town like any other.

I urge everyone to look at the plans and send your objections to West Lothian Council. – Yours etc.,


Baronshill Avenue,

My thanks (1)

Sir,– I would like to thank the person/persons who found my purse in Bridgeness Lane on Thursday, February 16

I am extremely grateful for their kindness in handing the purse with the contents intact, to the police who returned it to me on the same evening. – Yours etc.,


Cuffabouts, Bo’ness

My thanks (2)

Sir,– My sincere thanks to the two lads who helped me when I needed it, in Scotstoun Avenue, South Queensferry on the evening of Saturday, January 21. They summoned an ambulance, made me comfortable in their car until it arrived, looked after my dog and let me wife know what had happened.

Once again my heartfelt thanks to both. – Yours etc.,


Provost Milne Grove,

South Queensferry.

PS My new hip is settling in well and I’ll soon be walking the dog again!