Letters to the editor


From our issue of March 2, 2012


Sir, – We note with interest the proposals by Wallace Land for a mixed use development in Linlithgow that has the potential to deliver £90m of capital investment and hundreds of jobs.

As a Chamber we are keen to see developments within West Lothian that will create jobs and generate economic activity.

The Chamber hopes that the planners will consider these proposals in respect of the current economic climate and take account of the potential for new employment and economic growth in West Lothian.

We value the history and heritage of the Linlithgow area and hope that it can continue to evolve in the future, incorporating new ideas and concepts, while maintaining local traditions.

West Lothian plays a vital part in the economy of central Scotland and we need to maintain our place at the forefront of economic development. – Yours etc.,


West Lothian Chamber of

Commerce, Livingston

Right lines

Sir, – It was interesting reading about the Bo’ness Junction Rail Disaster and I am sure a few people like myself have never heard of the crash.

However, I am certain the photograph portrays a Reid Class J37 locomotive that was built at Cowlairs in 1914-1915. – Yours etc.,


Belsyde Court

Linlithgow Bridge

Editor’s note: This photograph was used for illustrative purposes only, and was not captioned as the actual crash scene.

Planter plan

Sir, – While I greatly admire the work done by volunteers to make Linlithgow beautiful it would help if the planters outside Brae Court were repositioned.

I and other carers and family members of tenants of Brae Court find it very difficult to park and help tenants in and out with shopping or for appointments.

The planters are in a straight row along the pavement using up about two car spaces at either side of the path at the crossing.

If the planters were moved to line up from pavement going towards the building it would free up spaces which could be used for pick up/drop off or one hour stay for users of Brae Court only. – Yours etc.,


Braehead Drive, Linlithgow


Sir, – I am responding to your call for views on coach parking in Linlithgow.

A visionary approach would be to turn the bus station area, when it next becomes available, into an upmarket tourist terminal, with welcoming facilities and shops for tourists as well as coach parking, or drop-off and pick up stands.

The Palace, and the centre of the town would attract many more visitors if tourist coaches and minibuses were positively welcomed.

Tour companies with coaches and minibuses, and outings from cruise ships etc, would include Linlithgow on their regular schedules.

The spin-off would bring many more visitors and business into the centre of the town leading to real “regeneration” of the High Street.

Instead of thinking of the bus station as a “garage”, and the problem as “parking” let’s think of it as the new hub of Linlithgow, complementing the Burgh Halls and the Palace, to counteract the effect of developments which draw people away from the High Street.

When the area next becomes available this will be a unique opportunity to act positively to create an influx of business to counteract the “leakage” created by developers who seek to take even more activity away from the town centre to its boundaries.

I suggest that a vision along these lines should be incorporated into the local plan, in line with Linlithgow’s focus as a centre for tourism. – Yours etc.,



Edinburgh Road,


On the buses

Sir, – I was appalled to read about First Bus’ decision to alter the frequency for bus users in Queensferry.

Queensferry is part of Edinburgh and First Bus is once again treating it as if it is a completely different area.

I’m not surprised that commuters are angry as it is not only they who will be affected but also retired people dependant on the bus to get into Edinburgh.

The cut on the late evening frequency to hourly after 8pm is quite absurd.

Several years ago, Provost George Grubb set the Queensferry bus users’ group to challenge First Bus decisions about timing and the dilapidated position of the buses.

First Bus responded reasonably positively to the bus users’ group.

As a Liberal Democrat candidate for the forthcoming elections in Edinburgh, I will assume that the people of Queensferry have my whole-hearted support. – Yours etc.,


by email