Letters to the editor


From our issue of Friday, March 9, 2012

Plant crossing

Sir,– I would like to respond to the person who wants the planters at Brae Court re-positioned. As far as I am aware, there were never any official parking places there in the first place.

There were white, concrete planters at the site before the pavement was re-surfaced which were never replaced after the work was completed. It was in response to a request from a Brae Court resident that planters be returned to the site in order that cars could not park on the pavement. The man is visually impaired and was fed up of cars blocking his access to the crossing.

I understand the letter writer’s want but think that in the interests of safety, the planters should remain where they are.–Yours etc.,


(Retired chairperson of Burgh Beautiful)

The Vennel,


Don’t delay

Sir,– If any of your readers wish to object to the Wallace Land proposal at Burghmuir then they are running out of time. All objections MUST be received by March 16. The address is Development Management Manager, West Lothian Council, County Buildings, Linlithgow EH49 7EZ. Your letter must use the word “Objection” and the title “Planning Application number 0095/P/12 Burghmuir.

You should then list the reasons for your objection. Separate letters should be written where two or more in a household wish to object.

It is all too easy to delay, mean to do it tomorrow and then find it is too late. If you value Linlithgow then you must put pen to paper now. Those who want this proposal to go ahead are well organised, have PR support and any procrastination will see them succeed.

Now where is my pen and paper?–Yours etc.,


Springfield Road,


Bo’ness hit

Sir,– I read your latest brief article on the Burghmuir proposal with interest. However, your article mentioned Wallace Land’s assessment that the proposal “would not adversely impact on shops in the town” of Bo’ness.

This is not the case. The retail impact assessment submitted in support of Burghmuir does not consider the vitality and viability of Bo’ness through a customary “health check” and does not attempt to quantify the trade diversion from the town centre. Without these components of the analysis, it cannot assess any impact upon Bo’ness town centre, and does not meet the requirements of national planning policy on town centres and retailing. Bo’ness is a fascinating town with a great shorefront location and heritage, also with many attractions and independent retailers, but it is very vulnerable to retail impact.

This is one of the many flaws in the retail assessment, which forms part of the basis of my own objection to the Burghmuir proposal. The retail assessment also underestimates the turnover of superstores in Linlithgow and the turnover of the proposed new superstore, leading to the erroneous conclusions that there is retail capacity and that there will be no unacceptable retail impact on Linlithgow.

As well as retail impact, I suggest you may wish to focus upon educational impact. My children attend Springfield Primary School, which simply cannot accommodate pupils from additional housing.–Yours etc.,


Chartered Town Planner,

Pilgrims Hill,



Sir,– I read with interest your front page piece last week, “Never to be forgotten”, concerning the erection of two memorials to the men and boys who lost their lives during the construction of the Forth Bridge. I was however disappointed to note that you made no mention of the existing Forth Bridge memorial which commemorates the sacrifice made by these very men and boys and which was unveiled here in Queensferry by First Minister Alex Salmond along with Japanese Consul-General Shuhei Takahashi back in July 2007.

Regarding the costs of “tens of thousands of pounds” associated with these new memorials, it is worth noting that the existing memorial, conceived, designed and created by acclaimed local artist and sculptor Hamish Gilchrist, was constructed and erected at no cost to either the public or to business: all the materials used, the labour involved and the necessary fees and permissions were paid for privately.–Yours etc.,


Springfield Terrace,

South Queensferry.