Letters to the editor

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From our issue of March 30, 2012

Rest and be thankful

Sir,– I am so happy to see that the Rotary Club has replaced the shuggly old benches at Linlithgow Cross with six brand new ones.

These will be well used especially during this great spell of weather and at The Marches. Many a pensioner like myself needs a wee rest as they walk along the High Street. Well done Rotary Club, this is much appreciated.–Yours etc.,


by email.

Show the evidence

Sir,– I noted with interest the comments by Springfield resident, David Manlove, who opposes the proposed development at Burghmuir by Wallace Land (March 23).

Mr Manlove comments on the fact that Springfield residents make use of the town centre and the proposed development at Burghmuir would destroy the retail fabric of the town. Mr Manlove provides no evidence of this, despite the developers providing a full retail impact assessment that indicates this is not the case. In fact, what he neglects to mention is the potential new shoppers the development will bring, which with the slips onto the M9 and increased visitors will serve to benefit the town centre.

If there is evidence that this is not the case Mr Manlove should let us see this.

In terms of the health centre, my understanding is that the developers are offering the land at their site should it be required by the GPs. The GPs are working in sub-standard facilities in a building designed for a population half that of the current Linlithgow and are looking for new facilities. If Mr Manlove can point the GPs in the direction of a new location and source of funding to deliver a new surgery I am sure they would be delighted to hear from him.

Mr Manlove then states that the views of Linlithgow residents are clear in opposing the development. On what evidence? A few hundred people, both for and against, responded to the Council’s consultation on the development, out of a population of 14,000.

Burghmuir is a great opportunity for our town and for our young people, as evidenced by the community support from the various sporting organisations, and to reject it would be unpardonable folly.–Yours etc.,


Rockville Grove,


Trophy winner thanks

Sir,– I would like to thank those who sent cards or offered best wishes to me on receiving The McLaren Trophy. I would also like to thank the McLaren family, especially Abby who presented the trophy.

Thanks also to Madelene Hunt, the Bo’ness Community Council, Falkirk Council, Provost Pat Reid, Fair Queen Erin and family, local councillors, the Fair committee and family and friends who all made it a wonderful evening.

To receive the trophy has been a great honour to me, Sandra and the family.–Yours etc.,



To the forefront

Sir,– As a golfer who loves the game so much I have made it my career, I have often said I could play from sun up to sun down.

I’m now writing to ask local golfers to do just that. The Four Course Classic will see teams of four golfers make the most of the longest day of the year on Friday, June 22 by taking on an epic challenge, teeing off at sunrise to play 72 holes in just 16 hours. It’s a fantastic opportunity to explore four different courses of your choice while fundraising for the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign, the UK’s leading charity fighting against muscle-wasting conditions.

To find out more visit www.fourcourseclassic.co.uk or call 020 7803 4830.–Yours etc.,