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From our issue of Friday, April 6, 2012

No golden egg

Sir, – I noted with much interest the comments made by Alison Linton in response to David Manlove’s letter of opposition to the Burghmuir development. I feel compelled to write in support of Mr Manlove and highlight a few key issues.

Firstly, a retail capacity study was carried out in 2008 which concluded that there was no requirement for a further supermarket in Linlithgow.

Secondly, there is no evidence that a supermarket at Burghmuir would bring extra visitors to the town centre; indeed the retail area at Stockbridge has adversely impacted retailers in the High Street.

Thirdly, I note that, in a letter to the Journal and Gazette, Ms Linton states it is “bizarre that some of the town centre traders are complaining when it is ultimately they that will benefit considerably,’’. Has she actually spoken to any of these retailers to find out the basis of their fears? And why many retailers downsized or closed in the wake of the Stockbridge development?

Ms Linton points out the benefit of the slip roads and how they would bring extra visitors to town; it has to be said that these slips are pretty much essential to the building of the development to prevent a stream of construction traffic from trundling through the High Street! So not quite the golden egg that this would appear to be.

In terms of the health centre, there is a need to improve significantly on the current facilities, however, the offer of a piece of land on the outskirts of the town goes little way to providing the ideal solution.

Has Ms Linton actually viewed the WLC planning website? At the last count there were 602 objections and 24 in support (this equates to 96 per cent against). Given the numbers involved and tonly four per cent expressed any form of support, I would imagine that most folk would regard this significant evidence of opposition.

There are many ways to improve community facilities without sacrificing the charm and character of the town. – Yours etc.,



They speak volumes

Sir, – It was with some considerable disbelief that I read the comments of Alison Linton in the Journal and Gazette last week.

If she cared to go into the West Lothian Planning website she would see that there are hundreds of objections, but only 20 or so letters of support. If she has been involved in any surveys, she would know that objections at this magnitude against a base population of 14,000 are very significant.

I would also ask that she looks at the objectors’ comments, particularly those of the big hitters like Regenco, Hopetoun Estates, Chamber of Commerce, Linlithgow Trade Association, etc, who argue in detail against Wallace Lands’s impact assessment. Don’t just criticise Mr Manlove!

I would also ask that she looks at and considers the thought, passion and feeling that has gone into most of the protestors’ letters, compared with the short e-mailed paragraph (mainly the same paragraph) sent by many of the supporters, which I understand was being touted around asking people to send it in.

Lastly, would someone please tell me where these wonderful sports facilities that the sporting organisations talk about are coming from, and who is going to pay for them?. – Yours etc.,



St Ninians Road, Linlithgow

Flower bed damage

Sir, – Could any of your readers help in trying to identify the mother who allowed her two children to tramp through the “Transition Linlithgow” flower bed on late Wednesday (28th) afternoon.

It was so much fun she was actively encouraging her offspring to stamp the soil flat. Maybe the high street CCTV cameras can give some clue who this cretinous individual was? – Yours etc.,


Little Compston,

Muiravonside, by Linlithgow.

Write to reply

Sir, – My American pen friend died recently. We had been writing to each other for 77 years.

I have kept all the letters, cards, etc and we never met. I was wondering is this a record? – Yours etc.,


Douglas Drive,