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From our edition of April 20, 2012

Debate continues

Sir,– I noted with interest the comments by Springfield resident, David Manlove, who opposes the proposed development at Burghmuir by Wallace Land (April 13).

Mr Manlove asks what the evidence is for the positive impact of the development on the town centre and then questions the validity of the retail impact assessment undertaken by Wallace Land, which indicates that town centre retailers will benefit to the tune of an additional £5.7m in additional retail expenditure by 2020. This will of course be independently assessed by the council but I, like other readers, would be delighted to see Mr Manlove’s figures for this. I asked him to produce this previously and am still waiting for it.

Mr Manlove then questions what support there is for the development from community and sporting organisations. He is clearly not a reader of the Journal and Gazette as its front page of March 16 heralded the fact that the football club, gymnastics club and tennis club had all given their backing to the development.

In terms of the health centre, as I mentioned previously the current facilities are not fit for purpose and Wallace Land have offered the GPs, should they want it, land at the Burghmuir development. This would, of course be served by improved regular bus links. It is however up to the GPs to decide what course of action to take, and yet again I would ask Mr Manlove to provide us with his solution to the issue of sub-standard health facilities in the town.–Yours etc.,


Rockville Grove


Planners beware

Sir,– I read with interest the proposals for an extension to Tesco including additional car parking levels. What particularly struck me was the timing of this proposal being made public - coinciding with the ending of the public consultation over the Burghmuir development. From the evidence on West Lothian’s website the Burghmuir development has been overwhelmingly rejected by the people of Linlithgow on environmental, cultural and social grounds.

Given the strength of the response (and council staff are still working to post all the objections on the website), it is hard to see how planners could do anything other than reject the Burghmuir proposals; is it pure coincidence that Tesco are now launching their proposal?

I believe we need to consider this proposal on its own merits and avoid the risk of taking a collective sigh of relief that it isn’t as bad as it could have been.–Yours etc.,


High Street,


Rugby day out

Sir,– I wanted to let your readers know about a great day out that they can undertake on the first weekend of May and support a tremendous charity at the same time.

The Emirates Airline Glasgow 7s takes place at Scotstoun Stadium in the west end of Glasgow on Saturday and Sunday, May 5 and 6.

You’ll also be able to help the official charity of the event, the Bill McLaren Foundation, named after the legendary rugby commentator, Bill McLaren, and designed to support the development of rugby and its values among young people.–Yours etc.,


Emirates Airline Glasgow 7s Ambassador

Former Scotland and British Lions centre and past captain of Scotland 7s.