Letters to the editor

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From our issue of April 27, 2012

Thank you Linlithgow

Sir, – Through your newspaper I would like to thank the good Samaritan who handed in my mobile phone to High Street branch of Lloyds TSB bank on March 26. would also like to thank the bank employee who contacted our son in Walton on Thames, Surrey, regarding the phone.

We travelled south to our home after visiting relatives in Linlithgow where I mislaid the phone. I greatly appreciate the kindness of those involved. – Yours etc.,


West Molesey, Surrey.

Empathy with views

Sir, – It was not my intention to write to you again on the subject of the Burghmuir development but, once more, Ms Linton has felt it appropriate to criticise others rather than take the advice that she was given in my previous letter.

She has obviously not gone into the planning website and read some of the many letters of objection listed there.

I did a very rough count and there are currently some 800 against and a measly 40 in support. The will of the people and majority of organisations in the town are against this development.

She quotes the Wallace Land Impact Assessment and asks for contrary evidence.

I suggest that she looks at the letter from the Civic Trust (one of a number that dispute their figures) for this alternative view.

She talks once more about the numerous sports organisations in support.

I ask again, what are they supporting? Any sporting development and subsequent upkeep would have to be funded by said organisations. That are not going to be provided as part of the development.

Some of the supporters mention the on/off ramp to the motorway. This is no done deal even if the council give the go ahead to the housing and retail development they could still say no to the on/off ramp proposal.

Please Ms Linton, read some of the many objections on the West Lothian website and you will both answer your own questions and get real feeling of what the great majority think. – Yours etc.,

Douglas Cook

St Ninians Road,Linlithgow

Voting change

Sir, – With the local council elections taking place on May 3, many of your readers will already be filling in their postal votes or thinking about how they will vote in person at the polling station.

At council elections in Scotland voters number candidates in order of choice rather than using an X.

To help voters to cast their vote confidently we sent an information booklet to every household in Scotland.

If any of your readers did not receive their booklet they can download it at www.aboutmyvote.co.uk or call 0800 3 280 280 to order a copy. – Yours etc.,


Head of Scotland Office

Electoral Commission

Edinburgh, EH1 1RN

Sir,– The ever popular National Doughnut Week is fast approaching and I would like to make a special appeal to the public to support this annual charity event, which takes place from May 12-19, in aid of The Children’s Trust.

Everyone deserves a treat from time to time and this fun campaign is a great way to share some delicious doughnuts with family, friends and work colleagues and also raise some dough for charity. To celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, this year’s theme is ‘Diamond Doughnuts’ and bakers taking part in National Doughnut Week will be creating their own ‘Diamond Doughnut’ tributes.

All you need to do is to purchase doughnuts from participating High Street bakers – wherever you see the National Doughnut Week posters displayed. A percentage from each doughnut sale will be donated to The Children’s Trust, a national charity that provides care, education and therapy for children with multiple disabilities and complex health needs, and rehabilitation to children with an acquired brain injury.

Now in its 21st year, National Doughnut Week has raised an incredible total of £735,000 for children’s charities, with the sale of over 14 million doughnuts. To ensure this year’s event is successful we need everyone’s support to help raise lots of money for The Children’s Trust to make it a memorable anniversary in the Diamond Jubilee year. So bakers, if you haven’t done so, please register now and get baking, and all you lovely people get buying.

For fundraising ideas, doughnut facts, and to register your vote for the UK’s favourite doughnut, please visit: www.thechildrenstrust.org.uk/doughnuts or www.facebook/nationaldoughnutweek

Thank you – and don’t forget to buy yourself a doughnut treat!–Yours etc.,


On behalf of The Children’s Trust, Tadworth