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Published on May 22, 2012

Candidate’s thanks

Sir, – I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took the time to vote for me and the Scottish Labour Party during last week’s election.

Having polled 826 first preference votes against the SNP candidate’s 462 votes it was disappointing that the single transferable vote system allows that candidate to be elected when it was clearly not the first choice the voters of Bo’ness and Blackness had wanted.

Congratulations to the three candidates elected and, still under a Labour administration within Falkirk Council, I look forward to the continued development within Bo’ness. –Yours etc.,


Douglas Place, Bo’ness

Time to adapt

Sir, – Our newly elected and re-elected councillors on West Lothian Council should be applauded, not only for their success at the polls, but also for their stated resolve to face up to the challenges in the tough years ahead.

Like small businesses, the council may not have caused the economic crisis, but they will have to adapt to the new realities it left behind.

However, the administration can only improve local service delivery and get a fair deal for our communities if we have a strong, growing West Lothian economy – the bedrock of which are our local small businesses.

Quick fix measures, which might look to solve a short-term problem but hurt West Lothian’s long term economic interests, must be avoided. Instead, if the small business community is going to create the jobs and growth the region needs, all council departments need to work together to develop and support the local economy. – Yours etc.,


Senior Development Manager,

The Federation of Small


Thanks for kindness

Sir, – Can I use this page to thank the kind lady who on Friday, April 27, found an injured ginger cat in the Avon Mill Road/Lovells Glen area and handed him into West Port vet.

Sadly, Vincent did not survive.

A big thank you also to the staff at WPV. – Yours etc.,


by e-mail

More parking woe

Sir, - I was interested to read your report on page seven in this week’s Journal and Gazette.

When I came out of the Oxfam coffee morning in St Michael’s church hall last Saturday I discovered a notice stuck on the windscreen. This turned out to be a parking charge notice alleging that I was guilty of “obstructive parking”.

There is a space between the ticket machine and a tree which can accommodate a car and I have used it at least three times while attending services in St. Michael’s.

Last Sunday the car park was busy as there was a communion service in the hall. I was driving round anti-clockwise as usual behind two other cars. The car two in front went into the space between the ticket machine and the tree.

When I was booked I was displaying a parking ticket for one hour. Don’t know if it was the right way up!


by email