Letters to the editor

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From our May 18, 2012, postbag

West Lothian vow

Sir, – Through the pages of the Journal and Gazette may I thank everyone who supported the Labour Party cause at the Council elections on May 3 and the many Labour Party members and supporters who helped deliver a successful election result for the Labour Party in West Lothian.

The new minority Labour administration that now controls West Lothian Council will strive to do so fairly and openly, and will work to make life better for all in West Lothian. –Yours etc.,



West Lothian Council Labour Group.

Proportionate response

Sir, – Could I please take the opportunity to comment on the Labour candidate’s letter in last week’s Journal and Gazette, when he attempted to portray himself as the people’s choice in the recent election because he had gained more first choice votes than SNP Councillor Sandy Turner.

Firstly, he appears to miss the point of the proportional representation system; it is not necessarily about gaining the first vote, in doing so the wider public opinion is taken into account when the second vote comes into play. In by doing so, it adds more meaning to every vote.

Secondly, may I inform him that the other winning SNP candidate, Ann Ritchie, won the first vote count at every polling station. In Ann so, I would assume that this took away many of the first votes from Sandy and therefore left him relying on the second vote, which duly saw him being elected. The SNP polled 49 per cent of the first preference vote to Labour’s 41 per cent. If this is not a call for SNP representation, then what is?

I can only hope that the coalition bucks the trend of previous Labour-led administrations and gives Bo’ness an equal share of council monies. – Yours etc.,


SNP Press Secretary

Wonderful bands

Sir, – Recently I had the pleasure of attending two recitals from bands based in Bo’ness and was amazed by the involvement of youths in both bands.

Firstly Unison Kinneil Band youth section is an up and coming band of high quality and the presentation of the new cup from Phil McCann is an inspirational award for all the juniors. It is a pity that they are not getting the support from the community that they deserve by the low turnout of Bo’ness residents.

Secondly Forth Bridges Accordion Band, also based in our town, gave a performance in Bo’ness Old Kirk on Saturday night which was an enjoyable night again. This time all the youngsters taking part were involved in the presentation of the tunes being played in a much more family orientated show. Credit to all involved but again not a great support from the public.

We read so much about the youth of the town but when it comes down to it, let’s support them when they put on shows for us. Let’s get out and support them and encourage them to get it right. – Yours etc.,


Richmond Terrace, Bo’ness.