Letters to the editor


Education plea

Sir, – On August 8, members of Linlithgow Results UK heard the story of Kenya’s first lady wheelchair racer - Anne Wasula Strike.

Anne contracted polio when she was two years old. The community she lived in, believing that she was cursed, threatened to burn her family’s house if they did not leave. They fled to Nairobi but discrimination and rejection continued there.

After her appearance in the 
Paralympics in 2004 Anne became an activist for the “disabled” in the Third World, campaigning for their inclusion in society, particularly in education.

Currently 21 million young people with disabilities are not receiving schooling.

The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon, is pressing for action on this before 2015 and David Cameron is co-chairing the panel which has to design new, post-2015 Millennium Development Goals. The reading public must encourage all such “inclusive” initiatives, especially in education. – Yours etc.,


Friars Brae, Linlithgow

Sporting legacy

Sir, – As a wee bit of an Olympic sceptic going into these games I now acknowledge I was wrong and have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

The talk now from pundits and politicians is of the legacy of the games and how we must encourage our youngsters in sport.

I have been involved in children’s football in Linlithgow for many years and plead with West Lothian Council to support the Olympic initiative. To have youngsters trying to play football on grass which is up to their ankles is ridiculous.

Please cut the grass regularly and let these kids play football in reasonable conditions. –Yours etc.,



Sense of loss

Sir, – It was with deep sense of loss I heard that Douglas Sneddon, past chairman and stalwart of Bo’ness United Football Club committee had died.

In some towns there are people who are institutions in themselves.

For me it is the loss of someone whom I regarded as a personal friend who was a straight talker when he had a personal or political point to make.

From the first days of my association with Bo’ness as MP, Dougie, was on hand to explain the history and the aspirations of his beloved Bo’ness United.

It is a tragedy that Dougie has passed away just as all his hopes for a new dawn for Newtown Park may now be moving forward through the setting up of the Bo’ness United Football Trust.

I know that his fellow Bo’nessians will work unstintingly to deliver the project not least as it will be a lasting tribute to Dougie.– Yours etc.,


Memorable picture

Sir, – I always enjoy the ‘take a trip down memory lane.’ In this instance (August 10 edition) I can identify another of the people in the picture.

This photo has appeared in ‘memory lane’ in the Journal and Gazette before - possibly in 1990.

Then the caption correctly identified the gentleman on the far left as (West Lothian) agricultural society secretary Mr William Galloway (my father). – Yours etc.,


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