Letters to the Editor


Good Samaritans

Good Samaritans

Sir,– I would like to thank the couple who stopped to help me on the Linlithgow Loch path on the afternoon of Monday, November 5, when my dog suddenly took ill and collapsed.

I was walking alone and had another dog with me and as well as offering me much needed support in a truly awful situation, this lovely couple stayed with me and made sure my other dog was okay.

We were on the opposite side of the loch from the palace - too far to reach the car and too far to carry a large, very sick dog.

Suddenly a small tractor and trailer miraculously appeared on the path and two men (working for Historic Scotland I think) came to our aid. They lifted my poorly dog into the trailer and had us at the vet’s door within 10 minutes. I would like to extend my thanks to these men as without their help we would never have made it to the vets.

Thank you, too, to the vet on Preston Road and, again, huge thanks to the couple on the loch path for their support. My family and I have been overwhelmed by the help of strangers! – Yours etc.,




Sir, – Attracting the forthcoming Chanel fashion show to Linlithgow is obviously a major coup for West Lothian Council and Historic Scotland.

That said, the level of disruption already being caused so far in advance of the event seems somewhat excessive

I find it totally unacceptable and grossly intrusive that stewards are already posted all around the perimeter of the Peel (including within the Vennel car park) as well as at each junction of paths throughout it.

All this excessive security simply panders to the ego of grossly over-rated so-called “celebrities” at a cost to the goodwill of the residents of the town throughout a three to four week period.

I wonder if we would afford the same protection to members of the royal family or senior politicians were they to be visiting the Palace. I very much doubt it. – Yours etc.,


Market Lane, Linlithgow

My thanks

Sir, – I would like to express my thanks to the two good Samaritans who came to my assistance after I slipped and fell on the icy surface 
experienced on November 28.

I was cut and scratched about the hands and face. There was a fair amount of blood but this did not deter them.

They helped me, mentally as well as physically, to get me to the Bo’ness Road, called for an ambulance and waited with me until it came and I was safely on my way to A and E at St. John’s.

So thank you Mrs Paterson and Mr Cook for your kindness and support. – Yours etc.,


Highfield Crescent, Linlithgow

Support for Palestine

Sir,– Re the Advent Fair torchlight procession - what exactly are we re-enacting?

Is it the coming of the Light into the World, in the form of Jesus, or is it the excitement that we experience from ‘playing around with fire’, as seen most recently in Gaza?

Some scholars dispute the ‘Slaughter of the Innocents’ as recorded in Matthew’s Gospel, but few will dispute the slow extermination of the Palestinian People.

The UK has turned a blind eye and barely raises an eyebrow at conditions in the communities of the West Bank, cut off from each other, without access to the ports of 

As we remember the babe of Bethlehem, let us carry a torch for these beleaguered Palestinians - that would be fair. – Yours etc.,


by e-mail.