Letters to the editor


Illogical decision

Sir, – With regard to the comments from Mr Thomas (Journal and Gazette, November 23) regarding the new No. 5 bus route and the Drum Estate, his attempt to justify the First Bus decision is highly illogical.

Regarding the frequency of 
passenger use, let me remind him that this First Bus service is run on a request stop basis only.

This applies to all stops on this service and allows infrequently used stopping points to be served efficiently.

Let me also correct Mr Thomas on his assertion that services used to pass through the Drum Estate. There are and were no bus services that pass through the Drum Estate.

They all pass along Grahamsdyke Road adjacent to the estate. In fact, the new No 5 route — like its predecessor 67 and 76 — currently travels most of the distance along Grahamsdyke Road between the two bus stops that serve the Drum Estate.

To include the stops as part of the service would not require much of a detour.

In fact, if First Bus were to 
consider my proposal that the buses turn left at the top of Harbour Road and incorporate these two stops 
before turning back onto Drum Road to complete the route, they would probably save journey time and mileage. – Yours etc.,


Drum Estate, Bo’ness

Un-fare change

Sir, – I recently took the No. 43 bus from Queensferry to Edinburgh and was warned that owing to the closure of Linlithgow depot there would be no change given in future. I don’t understand this logic. How are people supposed to have the various exact fares?

A flat fare works on LRT but 
cannot work on the country routes. Why are publicly-subsidised First Bus being allowed to do this?

Then my partner noticed that the fares have gone up yet again. Why are we being subjected to further increases when inflation is low and times are hard for all?

Finally, returning home, we waited an hour at 8.35pm for a service which only runs hourly on a Saturday night. How can councillors pretend they are promoting a sustainable public transport system when the services are so inferior even to the LRT service?

On a comparable journey to 
Cramond, the service is half hourly which although inadequate, is twice the frequency to Queensferry.

It is no wonder that motorists 
prefer to keep using their cars, 
causing congestion and CO2

All of the above combine to discourage and penalise those brave enough to try the alternative.

I am calling on the councils to announce what they are going to do about bringing Queensferry bus services in line with the rest of the City of Edinburgh, and to end this transport discrimination.

One long overdue change is to force First Bus to sell tickets on buses which can be used on its trains too. After all, it is in competition only with itself. – Yours etc.,


Hillwood Place,

South Queensferry

Grave mistake

Sir, – Regarding a decent war 
memorial (for Linlithgow), surely the Royal Burgh should have one where all and sundry can see it, nice though the original is.

The World War 2 memorial is also in the church but only in book form.

I have just returned from the Ypres service and visited my uncle’s grave at Haringhe, Pte Andrew Moreland DCM, for the second time.–Yours etc.,


Hillcrest, Bo’ness

On your conscience?

Sir, – I would like to thank the good Samaritan who handed my door key into the shop at Castlehill on Monday afternoon after someone else had found it and decided to remove the Swarovski keyring (clear stones in a star shape with one amethyst stone) then throw away the key.

The keyring was of sentimental value to me. If you have a conscience please get someone to hand it into the same shop. Thank you. – Yours etc.,


by e-mail.

Another view of Gaza

Sir, – William Ross mentions the “slow extermination of the Palestinian people.” (Journal and Gazette, November 23).

Seeing as they were only invented by Yasser Arafat in 1964, and have the fastest growing population in the world, with Gazans being the most obese in the Middle East, perhaps the reality is that Israel, the Light to the Nations, is once again threatened by the Babylonian Arabs who have colonised now 99.5 per cent of the Middle East and now wish to 
onquer the remaining 0.5 per cent that is Israel.

Mr Ross seems to have forgotten God’s eternal covenant with the Jews, the one that eternally ensures Israel to the Jewish people, despite all efforts by (a) the Hamas Palestinians to exterminate all Israel or (b) the PLO Palestinians to just eradicate Israel and make it the 23rd Arab-Muslim republic in the region. – Yours etc.,



by e-mail.