Letters to the Editor


Wrong priority?

Sir, – Good news on your front page (Queensferry Gazette) last week “Bright start to the year” that work is definitely about to begin on improvements to street lighting in the Ferry.

However I am both puzzled and angry that priority seems to be given to areas where lighting requires upgrading over areas where lighting is and has been for months totally non-existent.

I completely agree that the lights on Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery Court, Whitehead Grove and Ashburnham Road are badly in need of upgrading but what about Hopetoun Road which has been without lighting for months now and has had problems for many years?

Furthermore, without lighting the area between the Bellstane and the library during these dark and wintry nights is positively dangerous for both pedestrians and 

I note Councillor Work’s comment that “works to upgrade Hopetoun Road will be carried out during 2013/2014” but for residents, businesses and users of that area I am afraid that is simply not good enough.

Surely streets with no lighting at all should be receiving attention before streets which have lighting, albeit inadequate?

It has already been agreed that the entire lighting system on Hopetoun Road should be replaced so can Councillor Work please tell us why it does not have priority and when exactly we can expect some action? – Yours etc.,

David M. Steel

34 Springfield Terrace

South Queensferry

Vote for us please

Sir, - The Forth Bridges Accordion Band has been short-listed for the People’s Choice Awards this year.

The group will win free publicity, training and the title of People’s Choice for the coming year alongside a trophy.

We feel this would have great benefit to not only our group but the local community.

The band went from 15th place in the poll to first last week but I am afraid as I write this we are back into second place.

The closing date of this competition is January 30 and the group who has the most votes by then is the winner.

Members of the public can vote on their website as many times as they like (usually a delay of 15 mins between each vote) so the more publicity we get the more chance we have to win.

The Forth Bridges Accordion Band is a community marching band.

We provide our members with free tution, instrument and uniform and our local community with muscial entertainment at gala days, concerts etc.

We pride ourselves in being a very family orientated group and have members from various 
families spanning over three generations.

Our members are as young as four and as old as 75 and come from all over Fife, Falkirk and West Lothian.

For more info on our band please visit www.forthbridgesaccordionband.co.uk

To vote for the band please visit http://epicawards.co.uk/shortlist/


by email

Don’t be distracted

Sir, – Mr Laurence Stewart can be reassured not only of my residency but also the fact that prospective loony dookers and aqualung visitors to the lower hollows of the Burghmuir site will be extremely disappointed with the pathetically-sized puddle they encounter.

Of even greater disappointment will be any distraction from approval of the Burghmuir development from the proposals featured on your front page (Linlithgow Gazette) of January 18 which seem to amount to lumping more stark concrete close to High Port, as an eccentric tribute to the Regent Centre’s 30th anniversary.

Councillor Day’s reservations on that prospect are well founded. – Yours etc.,


115 Sheriffs Park, Linlithgow


Sir, – Thanks for including my letter re Katie Wearie (Journal and Gazette, January 18).

The last line was omitted which read: ‘‘The date of the new found minute, May 1652.’’

There are quite a lot of people out there who would be interested in this new information and just how far back in time Kattie can be traced. – Yours etc.,



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