Letters to the editor


Very good news

Sir, - It is of course, very good news that Wallace Land has withdrawn its proposal for a supermarket at Burghmuir but it is regrettable that, since it lodged its planning application more than a year ago, West Lothian Council and others have had to devote so much time and considerable expense to assessing it and revealing the threat which it posed to the best interests of Linlithgow.

It was evident from the time when the proposals were first made public in 2010 that they were contrary to the Local Development Plan and to government policy on out of town supermarkets.

There must be a strong case for amending the planning legislation to introduce a ‘fast-track’ procedure for swiftly dealing with proposed planning applications which are so self-evidently contrary to existing policies.

This could be done during the three-month pre-application consultation period which, at the moment, is a very opaque and unsatisfactory process.

This summer West Lothian Council will start public consultations on the next Local Development Plan. More than 40 sites in and around Linlithgow, including the land at Burghmuir, have been proposed by their owners for inclusion in the new plan as suitable for new development.

It will be important for everyone to monitor such proposals and to ensure that only those in the best interests of the burgh are finally accepted. - Yours 

Nicholas Leonard


Linlithgow Against 
Supermarket Development

Not qualified?

Sir, - I must thank Myra Smith for her response to my letter of April 5.

Up until now I hadn’t realised that decisions made by the planning department who obviously must be trained, qualified people, can be overturned by a body of councillors who are laymen in my view.

This is a shocking situation, particularly when the voting councillors do not even come from this area.

We have to ask ourselves what is the point of having a planning and building control department when properly trained people can be over-ruled by a bunch of amateurs?

Linlithgow Loch and its backdrop to the north is an important area of scenic beauty.

I now fear very much for its future. - Yours etc.

Graham Laurie

Miller Field

Linlithgow Bridge

Photo project plea

Sir, – Being a passionate photographer and a student of an Edinburgh College, I’m running the project called “WW2 Veterans – Scottish contribution”.

It is about creating a documental historical record, capturing great memorable portraiture of people across the world who were once united under the banner of the World War Two.

It has been inspired by renowned London photographer Konstantin Suslov, who has already done a lot of great portraits of such people. My main target is WW2 Veterans from Scotland.

I have some difficulties with finding those people and I believe that your support can be vital. Could I please ask for your assistance and perhaps simply by giving direction to right people/veterans?

I understand that Data Protection Act laws may apply, so even if you could pass my message to people you know that will be much appreciated. – Yours etc.

Pavel Tamm


Reader’s thanks

Sir, - Just a note to say thanks for the tickets to “The Full Monty” which I recently won.

My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed the show. - Yours etc.

Susan Paterson