Letters to the editor


You’ve bin had by recycling schemes

Sir, – The Avondale recycling plant at Polmont is closing with the loss of 70 jobs. The plant cost £20 million and was expected to recycle 200,000 tonnes a year.

Stirling, Glasgow and Edinburgh Councils have fined households £253,000 in three years for breaking their draconian rules on rubbish. This mad, green inspired, dash for recycling to save the planet is not working. We are perpetually being lectured on our carbon footprint so what is the carbon footprint incurred by shipping rubbish abroad?

Recycling does not save the planet but is enforced by councils to adhere to EU diktats. Can we now return to sanity and weekly bin collections? – Yours etc.,

Clark Cross

138 Springfield Road


Sir,- I wanted to let you know that myself and the Rosebery Ensemble performed a selection of popular classical pieces on Saturday at St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh and it was very well received.

What a wonderful experience! The cathedral was packed and everyone absolutely loved the concert. People’s comments afterwards were very touching and moving.

We all had such a wonderful day and the Rosebery Ensemble were so fantastic - they pushed me on to sing at my best and the result was terrific. My husband, who was selling CDs at the concert, was very touched by just watching everyone’s faces in the audience - he couldn’t get over it. It was a very humbling experience for us all.

Of course, we are repeating the concert in Hopetoun House’s ballroom on Sunday, May 19, at 2pm, and I’m hoping we can recreate the magic again. People can book tickets by calling the Hopetoun box office on 0131 331 2451.

Tickets are £5, £2.50 of which goes to Marie Curie, £2.50 also goes to the Hopetoun Trust. My CDs will also be on sale for £9.99, and the entire proceeds of these go to Marie Curie because I obtained a grant to cover all the recording and licensing costs. It costs around £70 per day for someone to be cared for in the Edinburgh hospice. So far, I’ve sold around 550 CDs, and I previously trekked to Machu Picchu in Peru to raise a further £6,500. - Yours etc.,

Justine Riccomini,

Bo’ness by email