Letters to the editor


Action plan

Sir, – No doubt last night’s severe flooding will be referred to by the “Authorities” as exceptional!

However, this is at least the fourth time this has happened in the four years we have lived at Corbiehall which has long been known as notorious for this difficulty.

I have complained to Falkirk Council many times but nothing has been done to remedy this severe problem.

The situation last night can only be described as a disgrace!

At its worst passing vehicles were stranded in three feet of rainwater.

One car lost its front bumper and local residents were having to wade out to help.

I saw two police vehicles drive through the flooding in the space of 15 minutes but which did absolutely nothing to assist.

Heavy articulated lorries delivering to Caledonian Produce and Lidl created huge ‘‘bow waves’’as they drove through, washing away anything in their wake and necessitating having to move parked vehicles to prevent them being inundated. Eventually “road closed” signs were put up but far too late, the damage had already been done.

It seems that the simple truth is nobody cares.

Unless a permanent solution can be found it seems that radical action by the Corbiehall residents may be necessary to prevent a recurrence. – Yours etc.,

David Yorke



Thank you

Sir, – On behalf of myself, David, Pauline, Barry and Jennifer, we would like to give our grateful thanks to Dean McLean, Bo’ness Cadora football team and Bo’ness United for staging a football match, in memory of Douglas.

We also wish to thank everyone who attended and donated to the charity of our choice and £600 was raised for Heart, Chest and Stoke Scotland.

We wish Bo’ness Cadora and Bo’ness United every success in the future. Thank you once again. – Yours etc.,

Mrs Alison Snedden

Fountainpark Crescent