Letters to the editor

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

From our edition of November 8, 2013

Sir, – Whose idea is it to erect a sign on Kirkgate, Linlithgow, pointing to the ‘Historic Rose Garden’?

I remember this being created just over 60 years ago which hardly makes it historic.

In any case, the garden is a sad reflection of its former glory and looks sad and neglected.

This was also the site of the Grammar School which was destroyed by fire in 1902.

It was built in 1822 on the site of an old bowling green, having been removed from the edge of Kirkgate to make way for the new ‘County Hall’.

If it is real history that’s required, the sign should point to ‘Lambert’s Yard’ a contraction of Bishop William de Lamberton (1298-1328) who owned it.

There are already too many signs in the town with inaccurate information – please avoid another one.

Why not keep things simple with a sign pointing to ‘Site of Grammar School, destroyed by fire in 1902’, this will avoid visitor’s disappointment when they see what passes as a historic garden.

A suitable plaque could then be mounted on the churchyard wall with my reconstruction drawing of the school and a brief history. – Yours etc.,


by email

Thank you

Sir, On behalf of Linlithgow Thistle Football Club I wish to thank our sponsors, Derek Rennie Joinery, NorDan, MB Electrical, D&J Sibbald, Hunters of Linlithgow, McNicoll Vehicle Hire, Scots Bearings, Sainsburys, C Nimmo Decorating, Alchemy Inns and The Black Bitch, along with each and every one of our 200 guests for coming along to our sportsman’s dinner on Saturday at the Bo’ness Town Hall.

It was a fantastic event with Tam Cowan, Craig Brown, Sandy Strang and Des Clarke providing entertainment that had everyone in stitches. Thank you also to the “Clement Gals” for an excellent bar service!

For an amateur club to have such wonderful support truly is special and speaks volumes of the people of Bo’ness, Bridgend, Linlithgow and the surrounding areas for coming together and raising funds for the development of our club.

Extra special thanks to those who contributed to the auction and congratulations to those who won the impressive grand raffle prizes.

As Craig Brown said “There is a superb vibe about this club. Definitely heading for the top.” Yours etc.,

Derek A Oliver, chairman,

Linlithgow Thistle AFC