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SGD. 21721
SGD. 21721

Another side of the Ferrymuir debate

Sir, – Mr Clarkson (TalkingPoint, November 22) appears to expound the very antithesis of NIMBYism, yet his backyard is very far from those that will be directly affected if access to the proposed Ferrymuir Gait development goes ahead via the Varney estate. If he lived in Canmore Street, Hugh Russell Place, Henry Ross Place or Viewforth Road, I am sure he would have a completely different viewpoint.

The nine houses in a square formed by these roads would effectively be an island in the midst of the whole of the traffic moving in and out of the new scheme, leading to obvious safety issues for young and old alike.

Mr Clarkson offers a list of ways Queensferry would “suffer” if the scheme does not go ahead, most of which are spurious and ill-considered. His contention that there would be “more pollution, increased congestion and parking” if the scheme was rejected, is a puzzle to me, because the number of residents would not increase.

While the site of the old hotel is not pretty, it is used as an exercise area for dog walkers and others and has sprouted a growth of naturally seeded woodland. The best use of the land would be to landscape it and provide a park and viewing area. This would also complement moves to make Queensferry more “tourist friendly” and encourage wider movement throughout the town. – Yours etc.,

Colin Ferrington by email

Sir, – Linlithgow Community Council acknowledges with grateful thanks all those who contributed to such a fantastic Advent Fayre. Without the tireless efforts of a wide range of people and organisations this event could not take place. Specifically, Councillor Tom Conn whose long standing devotion to the Advent Fayre keeps it going from strength to strength. Stewart Ness, Linlithgow BID co-ordinator and Town Centre Officer ably assisted by Andrew Muldoon did much of the organisation and the hard work on the day. Members of the Deacon’s Court provided stewarding and the pageantry. The Gala Day Committee delivered the children’s entertainment and supported Queen Ruby Hudson and Chief Lady in Waiting Zerina Merza at the opening along with lone piper Paul. Thanks also to Radio Grapevine for a constant stream of music and banter. We are grateful to Tam Smith, who stepped in at short notice to undertake Master of Ceremonies on the night. We particularly value the work of the guys from West Lothian Council who always go the extra mile beyond the call of duty. We appreciated the professionalism of the Red Cross and Fire and Rescue services and the patience of the Police. Finally for all those who took part and those who added support from the side-lines thanks to all. We apologise to all those people who queued unsuccessfully for a torch, such was the demand the torches ran out. We will address this problem next year. – Yours etc.,

John Kelly

Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Community Council

Sir, – I am quite sure I am not the only person who was taken aback by the very ugly structure that has appeared in Linlithgow High Street.

It has been sited at one of Linlithgow’s most historic areas, in fact right next to St Michael’s Well which has been recently restored and opposite the 16th century Hamilton’s Land.

I understand it is an air 
pollution monitoring unit and I am amazed that permission was given to place this 
unsightly mess at this point. – Yours etc.

Valerie Dillon

St Magdalene’s, Linlithgow